Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Collected thoughts

There's something so intoxicating about falling into obsessed love with writing a character.


Hotel for World Con in Calgary (Oct 30–Nov 2, 2008) is now booked. I should have done it sooner, because I ended up having to pay full price for the night of Oct 29th. Ouch. It's going to cost the same as my friend and I staying an additional 2 nights. I'm collecting names of those who are going to be in Calgary, as it would be fun to meet up with some folks and have an impressive gang to fill up panel rows and a banquet table together. :)

Oh, I was reading this post on Jocelynn Drake's blog while painting my nails bright pink, and I thought, she's right.

I did a lot of lot of people watching during my vacation. I was in the desert, which I love to visit, and I was everywhere fabulous in LA. You know, Hollywood & Highland—yes, I know it sucks there, but people who don't live in LA think it's awesome for some reason, The Grove, Larchmount Village, and Melrose. Not the trendy expensive Melrose, but the gritty, tattooed and tourist-attracting real Melrose. Only the fabulous in LA have $300–500 hair cuts and little doggies in sweaters.

You know, it wasn't just the people watching, though. It was people watching with my 13-year-old cousin that has breathed new life into my YA project. I'm very grateful she came to visit, and that I could share a fraction of this crazy city with her.


Tina Hunter said...

Well you can put my name down on your list for World Con in Calgary. It would be fun to meet up in person.

I'll be there with 3 other ladies from my writing group here in Edmonton.

We will be getting there Thursday morning due to scheduling.


Chandra Rooney said...

Great! Hope to see you there. :)

Rachel said...

Glad you got that fresh look!