Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Here are some photos from last the celebration. It was a "traditional" Irish meal of beer-flavored food. Rachel, made beef and cabbage (which she made with brussel sprouts instead) for the second year in a row.

The food is hiding under the pot lids because it's camera shy (and wanting to stay warm.)

These are some lovely live shamrocks that were brought as a centerpiece by one of the guests.

Beer bread! Yes, even the bread had beer in it. This was made with Guinness as the liquid in the dough by Rachel, as well.

In fact, the only things that didn't have beer in them were these cupcakes.

Cooper poses for the camera in hopes of beer and/or cupcake treats. (Yes, the dog likes beer. And cupcakes.)

Lola could not pose because she was too worried about missing out on something being dropped in the kitchen. Like the cupcakes... or the beef... or the bread... or the salad... (she likes food, not beer.)

You'll notice both dogs wore their green shamrock collars so they could dress for the occasion.

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Rachel said...

I love this post of lovely greenness!