Friday, March 21, 2008

Swords are Fun

I have no photos of Easter things, so here is a photo taken at Studio Mon Katsura in Harajuku, Tokyo during the trip to Japan in May 2007. We had kimono henshin (dressed professionally in kimono)! Things you should know:

1) This proves that yes, it is me in the blogger profile pic.

2) Yes, that is all my hair, but it was really only to the tops of my shoulders at the time.

3) It impressed the photographer I knew how to properly hold a Japanese sword.

4) Hel and I aren't sisters.

5) We weren't going to kill her husband Scott. Not really.

6) Swords are fun. (And, like Oscars, are heavier than most people realize.) Hel has the katana and I have the wakizashi.


KT said...

I love this photo. Scott's expression is awesome, and you and Hel look great.

Anonymous said...

Wicked photo!! Love it. :)

Rachel said...

I hadn't seen this! This is great!

Chandra Rooney said...

Thanks, girls!

I'd really like to do this again. It was so much fun... Maybe in Kyoto next time and with the maiko make-up and wig.

Anonymous said...

thats a really good pic of you

Anonymous said...

its me chris by the way

Chandra Rooney said...

Thanks, Chris. I'll have to show you the other ones taken sometime.