Friday, April 25, 2008

Bad Mac. No Biscuit.

Another one for the "This is why I write speculative fiction" file...

Having been waiting and carefully budgeting for the past six months, I went last night to purchase a Macbook. While I was buying it, the mac fellow informed me that the creator of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey was named "Dr. Chandra."

...yes, because my email address would be a reference to a classic sci fi film and not, say, my first name (which was on my credit card used to pay for the macbook.) To be fair, I tried to engage, but I don't really know that much about 2001. All I could offer was that there had also been a Dr. Chandra in Heroes. (Had the guy made a comment about the Doctor, I would have been able to hold my own in the discussion.)

Anyhoo, home I go with my shiny new toy—I mean, business investment to increase productivity through mobility. I'm arranging dock icons and adjusting the user settings when the track pad stops responding. I wait. It returns—it just appears the computer had to think about whether or not to let me type something. A few minutes later—the trackpad stops responding again. As does the keyboard.

I reboot and decide to wait to register the computer for Apple Care in case it does the trackpad thing again. Adjusting the track-speed to see if that was the problem, I'm in the process of choosing a screen saver and setting up the wallpaper I want to use when the trackpad stops responding. The keyboard freezes. Two minutes pass with no change.

A second reboot and I begin removing the personalization from the machine and trying to find the place to remove our network password. The computer is clearly non-functional and this is going to be an ongoing issue if I keep it. As I finish doing this—yes, you guessed it: trackpad and keyboard stop responding, the computer freezes.

Behold, what I have taken to calling HAL—the Very Bad Mac:

HAL is possessed by the evil ghost of a dead Dell. It's the only way I can explain why a beautiful, well-constructed Mac would freeze and turn non-responsive THREE TIMES within two hours of its first power-up.

Needless to say, the Very Bad Mac will be returning to the Grove to be exchanged for a Very Nice Mac.

(That's right. The Doctor chastising Chandra's naughty Mac. See how I tie that all together for you in visuals?)


Rachel said...

That doesn't sound promising. I hope it turns out okay.

johnevans said...

Damn. That's awful. Well, it's almost certainly still under warranty, right?

2001 is kind of a classic. I'm surprised he actually read the book, though. ;)

I sympathize with your computer problems, but on the other hand, your use of David Tennant makes me smile.

Chandra Rooney said...

Thanks, John. I've been told Bad Macs get sent back, diagnosed, refurbished and sold on the apple website.

Maybe they use psionic screwdrivers to fix the machines.