Friday, April 04, 2008

It starts with the ghost of a voice

There is something haunting my brain, that I can only sense when I think around it. It's like a candle with the wick half-buried in wax. If you get too close, even your breath can put it out, but if you're patient—if you shelter it from the wind and wait, it may catch and burst into a strong flame.

It doesn't whisper. It mouths the words, and since it's too shy to let me look upon its face, I only get bits and pieces of its message.

I thought it was a short story—or the inkling of one, and that if I paid it no heed, it would go bother someone else so I could get back to working on manuscripts. Not that I don't like short stories, I just find it difficult to work on more than two things at once, and my dance card is full-up for April.

It did go away, for a few weeks, but when my brain was tired from revising and needed a quiet rest, the little whatsit came back. Apparently it couldn't find a home with anyone else, and it made friends with a concept that I'd thought of dusting off. They tell me if I write a little outline for them, they could wait until the timing was better. Since they're being so polite, and it's such a change from the loudly articulated demands of my present characters, I feel obligated to at least give these quiet little ones a chance.


Wasim said...

Heya, i was going through my links and i found your blog. It's been ages! How've you been? It seems like you're doing very well for yourself now, that's great, congrats! (^O^)
I started a blog a couple of years ago and upon the subtle nudging of my friend in Montreal, i've recently begun updating it again. It's at
I still have my LJ account, but it hasn't been updated in ages :-/
Take care and lets stay in touch!(^o^)

Anonymous said...

An excellent way of putting it. Good luck with recording the voice and then putting it to bed until you're better able to deal with it.

Rachel said...

The back of the brain will pick at it until you're ready.