Monday, April 21, 2008

Things Get Finished

Yes, it has been over a week since I blogged, but if there's one thing I've learned about this writing business it's that when you're busy, you're really busy. As in "my brain can't take writing on a blog or really even reading other people's blogs."

There's a single-minded focus that settles in during revisions or that push to finish a draft. It has a whip and spurs and it cares not when you last blogged or checked your friends blogs or had a shower. It is a cruel, cruel rider.

It is also what ensures that Things Get Finished. This past week I prepared and submitted a rough draft to my editor, as well as prepared and submitted a revised draft (with information on two proposed follow-up books) to my agent. I also gained a dangerous addiction to the Pieces of Flair application on Facebook, which has led to a self-enforced Facebook vacation.

It's been odd, over the past couple days, to not have an impending deadline any more. Why, I can write whatever I want again. How odd is that? The notion being that having these projects out of my hands frees up the time to make serious progress on the project that piqued my agent's interest. That's the thing about the business of writing, even when you aren't working on a contracted item, you still need to be thinking about what you're going to write next.

Exciting, really.

Well, except for when you realize most of your thoughts have moved onto random scenes in what would have to be a second or third book when you're trying to plot the first book. Then it becomes a bit "whoa, hold up, brain, we haven't finished this trip yet!"

Let's see, I'll be connecting with a friend from college this week—yay! On the weekend, it's the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books aka The UCLA Book Fair. It's, from my understanding, the LA bibliophile event—and, according to the website, "the country's largest celebration of the written word."

I'll be attending 6 panels. Two on comics/graphic novels, two on young adult writing, one on magic realism, and one on world-building. More specific schedule to come on Friday possibly. Yes, Christina, I will take notes for you.

This Saturday (the 26th) is also Rachel O's birthday. Good thing I met that April 28th deadline early, because it would have been mad to be attempting to prepare a draft on top of everything else this week.


johnevans said...

That's awesome! Getting stuff finished is very, very important. In programming we have a saying..."The first 90% of the project takes the first 90% of the time, and the last 10% takes the other 90%." So, it's great to hear that you're getting stuff done and progressing. :)

Christina said...

lol. I hope I can bum some notes off you. I want to make sure I'm still heading in that right direction. (Must fight the need to use a pun)