Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Manuscript status update

As I was reminded by Renee, who gave me a happy squeal today when I realized she has "The Rainy Season" listed on her books read list, I'm overdue to report in on the status of my adult manuscript. I would guess the last time I mentioned it, if I mentioned it at all, was to say I'd sent revisions off to Agent M. (The reason I call her that is because it makes her sound like she's a superhero.)

Aside from a few words my computer ate—including snacking on just the 'n' in a "didn't"—there was a single line that ultimately didn't need to be there. I also needed to add a little to the synopsis for book 2 to clarify something that didn't make sense to anyone who wasn't me. I also gave the Sword of Kannon a task in book 3 that wasn't described as "doing something...er, Kannon-y." (In all fairness, sometimes he is doing things that are not Kannon-like at all.)

The bottom line is that Agent M loved the revisions and is eager to get the manuscript out there. Very exciting. So exciting that I should have blogged about it sooner, but I must have been doing spot fixes for the work-for-hire then I was putting more words into my YA draft. Rather demanding characters in that one.


johnevans said...

Hooray, progress! :D

"Sword of Kannon" sounds a bit of an oxymoron...I'll trust you to make it work, though.

Chandra Rooney said...

No kidding, right? It pleases me someone else went "er...isn't that a contradiction?" :D