Friday, May 02, 2008

Day in Vegas

Here I am, enjoying the "magics" of wi-fi access in my hotel room in North (Las) Vegas—thanks Starbucks, for the out radius of your t-mobile hotspots.

The trip has gone well, aside from security in LAX needing to see a keychain because they thought the dangley metal bits on it might be a weapon. I refrained from telling them that while my characters could likely do some damage with an enamel moon and three stars—all less than an inch in length—I couldn't. Airport security don't appreciate humor.

I spent the day with my mother, as it was her birthday, and we had a lovely time. Wandered through the Venetian to have lunch at an Italian place in St Mark's Square of the canal shops. We were trying for the Bouchon French bistro, but they close during the early afternoon to prepare for the evening set. Did manage to get the famous TKO cookies from the bakery, but I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to get them back to LA.

After going to the Fashion Show mall and feeling a little underwhelmed, we went to the outlet stores downtown and found a couple really fantastic deals. Then it was time to check in and find a place to have dinner.

The fabulous Vicki had offered a few suggestions on the north side, and we chose the Grape Street Cafe. It was perfect! Can't say enough good things about the ambiance, food and staff. Mom was super happy.

Today, I'm supposed to go have lunch with Danne, who is also in town to celebrate her birthday.

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Rachel said...

That sounds like it was a really good day.