Friday, May 09, 2008

Various happenings (but mostly about comics)

Chronologically speaking, this was last Saturday at Free Comic Book Day. That was that highlight of my day—free comic books. (The X-Men was pretty decent, the Tiny Titans seemed cute, I don't understand Hellboy—I only got it for a friend—and Project Superheroes, the new Alex Ross-run thing, has some interesting world elements.)

It's funny that I'm posed in front of the Superheroes thing, because really, I don'
t read a whole lot of Superhero comics. In fact, I generally don't read a whole lot of Western comics—unless they're pressed into my hands by a trusted source who knows I'll enjoy them. I used to read Ultimate Spider-Man and the other Marvel Ultimates one where all the Marvel heroes would come and make Spidey look like a loser. (Really, Spider-Man exists to make the reader feel better about their life.)

Anyway, I've got my favorite superhero in my hands there—the first five issues of Buffy Season 8. Observe the powerful "hand gun" I am using to help her defeat that lizard demon monster thing. Yes.

Thursday night, I went to see Iron Man. I wasn't if I wanted to see the movie—mostly because I can't remember ever being compelled to be an Iron Man fan. What I'm learning is that this is best reason to go see movies, because it allows you to treat the movie as a completely separated entity from whateve
r inspired it. You don't get caught up in the expectations or pre-conceived fandom needs.

The movie was made of awesome—Robert Downey Jr was brilliant, and I left feeling like the summer had already begun. It wouldn't be fair to say I liked this movie for the reasons I liked Transformers, because frankly I liked Transformers because it was what most people would consider "awful." In fact, I've already decided that Speed Racer will be the Transformers of this year. (In that awful, but brilliantly awfully because it doesn't realize it's awful way.)

No, Iron Man was intentionally amusing. It had robot suits, things going BOOM, and Tony Stark had a much more powerful hand gun than I do. So you should see it. (It'll help you forget Spider-man 3.)


Rachel said...

My favorite scene in Ironman is still Robert Downey Jr. all hot and sweaty whilst banging on metal. Yum!

Karen Mahoney said...

Wow. What alternate universe did I just wander into? Chandra posts about superheroes AND puts up a photo of herself... In the same post?! Heh. ;)

Good job!

Sarah K said...

Ironman was made of win.

'Come on, this isn't the worst thing you've caught me doing....'