Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The BEA Photo Blog!

BEA 2008 was held at the Staples Center Convention Center downtown, which is... nowhere near where I live. It's in a nice area of downtown, but to get to it, you must pass through an area that I wouldn't want to be alone in after dark.

So it's a good thing the trade show itself was during the day. For those of you who don't know, BEA is a giant book trade show. It's technically not open to the public, expensive to attend, and not really to the benefit of an aspiring author...unless that author gets a pass from a friend, can get to the BEA on the bus, and just wants to go and see what it's like. Not only did I feel pretty A-list about that, I got to spend the afternoon with Leigh Purtill, who wrote All About Vee—which I thought was the bee's knees.

Here's a shot of the convention center that I recommend clicking on to see at full size. (I've made it viewable.) Despite these giant banners and signs, I still ended up entering through the wrong doors...and ending up in the smaller West hall. That's all right, it's where the majority of the comics people where—aside from TOKYOPOP and DC, who were over with the major publishing houses in the South hall. (Yes, that's a giant banner ad for James Patterson that's taller than your house.)

This is the entrance to the West hall. What I couldn't get to show up in any photos were that these doors had Transformer decals advertising the Transformer comics. As I said to Andy, any trade show that has Transformers welcoming you has got go be a good one. No, they weren't giving away any Transformers...unless there's something I don't know about that box of strawberry Pocky I got from TOKYOPOP.

I'll warn you now, I don't have a lot of photos. I could tell you the reason for this is that there were a lot of people, so getting good shots of things would have been difficult, but the truth is that most of the time my hands were full of books. (You can read a list of my loot over on Good Karma Reviews.) The BEA website has photos in the digital press room of one of things I didn't go to.

However, I did get to pick up a couple things for some people. As well, as I met Gena Showalter, who I constantly hear good things about from Rachel Vincent. Mostly we talked about you, Rachel, and how funny Gena and Jill Monroe's Author Talk videos are. Gena signed a copy of Catch a Mate for me and for Rachel, because she's working very hard this summer and needs nice things. I have another little birthday surprise I picked up for Rachel, so she'll have to wait and see what it is....

That red thing is the Emote Boom, who is always angry. His special power is a flame thrower. It's all right if you didn't know that, neither did I. I spent a few minutes watching him greet people as they came to the second level food court in the South hall.

Because of Boom's supreme awesomeness—I had to get a picture with him. See? Angry eyes. Also, I think he might be about to eat my badge.

This photo is from the Graphic Novel row in the West Hall. It's a crap photo, as I took it on the fly as people were passing through. If you can make out the white banner with the pink-haired girl... that's Manga Moods, a really great little book I purchased from Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo.

This is at the beginning of Graphic Novel row, as most of the comic booths were in the 4700's—except for, as I said, TOKYOPOP, DC, and Broccoli Books was somewhere else, too. Image, Virgin, Dark Horse and Marvel were all there. Previews Magazine and Diamond Distributors had booths, too. When I returned later in the afternoon, they were serving appetizers and alcohol.

This is a dog in a dress. It's some kind of promotion for a coffee table book called Diva Dogs. I just went "...dog in a dress...must photograph for blog..." Yes, yes, I know how it appears. No photo of Gena, no photo of Dean Kootz—who is really nice, no photo of the Harper Collins or swanky TOKYOPOP booth, but a dog in a dress. What can I say? I expect you can find those other photos kicking about the 'net, so it's up to me to show you this dog and Boom.

Here's the loot that Leigh and I got. 5 bags. Five very full, very heavy bags, but only three of them were mine. Oh, and if you ever go to BEA... try to get the cloth bags with the wide straps for carrying things not the pretty paper bag with the tiny thing cords that will cut off the circulation to your fingers if you put more than four books in it.

My loot—out of the bags and stacked into various piles to make it look more modest. See? I did put Gena's book on top. That counts for something, right?


Rachel Vincent said...

You talked about me at BEA? I feel so cool! ;-)

Rachel said...

That sounds like fun!