Monday, June 09, 2008

Comment moderation

Goodness. My Indiana Jones post lured two spambots out from lurking in the dark shadows of the internet. I feel, loved? They are such polite comments, too.

However, you polite yet incapable of correct capitalization spambots have now ruined it for the organic users, as I'll have to turn on comment moderation. I could return to having the word verification, but sometimes even I can't tell if that's a 'I' or an 'l' when they use the san serif fonts. Also, I have a nagging concern with what happens when we enter those "words" that seem composed of some alien language. For all I know, we're enabling the spambots to evolve and in a few more months, they will be able to capitalize sentences correctly.

While I very much want to expedite the arrival of the cyberspace Gibson envisioned, I'd find Wintermute far less intimidating if its purpose was to promote a hot eats delivery service.

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Rachel said...

Down with the spambots!