Friday, June 27, 2008

Finish one thing, start something else

Note to self: We are far, far past the point where the YA should have a proper playlist. Make one. There is only so often you can listen to Coldplay's Vida la Vida album in one day and remain sane.


So... I'm finished the work-for-hire project. Officially, I suppose, as I've got a nice email from the editor saying as much. I'd tell you how it feels, but I haven't given in much thought. Instead, I wrote nearly 6500 words in the past five days. This was accomplished by realizing that the end of June is, er, Monday and I had said something to my CP a couple weeks ago about how I would finish the draft by then.

Devon Monk broke down the numbers for me, kind as she is, in the comments of her livejournal. To theoretically write 100,000 words in four months, it requires a little under 1000 words a day, six days a week. Ergo, it should be entirely manageable to have the first draft of BELOVED finished by Christmas.

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JohnEvans said...

Go, Chandra, go! ;)