Thursday, June 05, 2008

Melissa Marr signing at Dark Delicacies

One of the reasons I wanted to go to BEA was to attend Melissa Marr's autographing session, which happened on Friday morning. Melissa is the author of Wicked Lovely and Ink Exchange. She's also one of those really cool people who can strike that balance between being gracious and being assertive, always encourages new writers, and is just a class act. (Fair, I would name several acquaintances as "class acts." )

Dark Delicacies is a horror-focused bookstore on Burbank Blvd, over the "hill" in Burbank, California. Look for the Frankenstein outside the shop—if you can see him amongst all the magenta flowers. Inside the shop is dark, painted black, and filled with a grand assortment of books. Melissa and Richelle Mead were there to do a "drive by" stock signing. I was assured by the people of Dark Delicacies that it was all right to come into the shop and meet Melissa, so I made the bus to rail to bus connections to get within walking distance of the store.

So worth it. I felt very honored that Melissa indulged me and I'm sure Maria's ears must have been burning from all the nice things said about her and the other crew. So if you're reading this, MM, thank you.


Rachel said...

Whooohooo! You made it! Looks like you got a little sun, too!

Christina said...

That's great that you got down there. I hope the traveling was smooth. I can't wait to meet my favorite author... one day, hopefully soon.