Sunday, June 01, 2008

BEA 2008: Friday

This weekend was BEA (Book Expo America) 2008 here in Los Angeles. BEA is the annual bookseller's trade show, known among book lovers as a place where authors are signing and ARC/Samplers are free for the taking.

A friend went to the Writer's Digest conference before BEA. She didn't think she was ready to participate in the pitch slam portion of the conference, but she thought she might as well take advantage of the opportunity. It paid off for her.

Friends from Calgary were down to attend the show, and Friday night me and various writer friends went downtown to have dinner with the out-of-towners. It was great fun catching up, since I haven't seen Brian Hades since Pure Speculation III in Edmonton last October.

While we were all chatting around the hotel lobby, somehow I got to explaining to a friend how in the only war Canada and the US had been in against each other, Canada won—and still managed to lose territory. The only consolation was that the Canadians had burnt down the White House. (If this is not true, then I blame my eight grade social studies teacher for lying to me about history.) Liz has also had her brain destroyed by ihasatardis aka the Doctor Who Cat Macro community, and she felt it necessary to create the following image:

Since she's my friend, I'll forgive her misuse of the "eh." (It's not used in statements. It's used to turn a statement into a question.)

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