Monday, June 30, 2008

The Summer Gothic & Lolita Social

May we begin with gratitude for the gracious lolitas that posed for portraits? My apologies to those of you whom I did not exchange names with or neglected to inquire as to yours. It was not my intent to be mysterious or fail to well-represent my upbringing.

I often find these gatherings overwhelming—too many beautifully embellished and perfectly coordinated ensembles. Pausing, to take in the loveliness, slows the courage, you see, even for a weary traveler who feels somewhat in a constant state of Out Of Place. I must also apologize for not knowing the names of the wonderful interns who chatted with an appreciator and her two associates.

Ah, but allow me to share the true reason that I return from the garden party with so few portraits; it is much to my embarrassment that, despite formal training in the arts, when confronted with ribbons and roses this is the best work that I can produce:

I have plans for it to adorn my chartreuse fedora. (A chartreuse fedora is never truly in style, so it is impossible for it to pass out of style.) Mayhaps this demure white paper flower will add femininity to the bold hat and soften its rough manners. I was transfixed by the glimmer of the golden ribbon, and the simple elegance of the black trim. With a pop of peek-a-boo pink, perhaps this humble creation speaks of me more than I did realize.

It was a true pleasure to meet Ms. Emily and Ms. Violeta, as well as the delightful UCLA and Dartmouth TOKYOPOP interns. Best wishes for your future scholastic pursuits.

As always, it's a pleasure to see the warm, inviting faces of the Bible's editorial staff and Kinokuniya's employees. I have greatly enjoyed the indulgence of the Bible's second volume and DNAngel 12—my heart did almost burst with joy at the knowledge that ever-so-talented Sugisaki-sensei has returned to my beloved guilty pleasure read.

And to my gracious travel companions, Elisabeth and Rachel, who braved the wilds of the Los Angeles metro and the unexpected disappearance of the public transit vehicles upon our return journey. It shames me that no gallant knight offered three road-weary ladies a lift. Best we did not have red hoods, for we lacked a huntsman when we encountered this beast:

I shall share the portraits tomorrow.


the mighty war-khan said...

Huntsmen and Knights in the City of Angels? Surely, this is fantasy! I do look forward to candid photographic moments if not posed frills and lace.

Chandra Rooney said...

Metaphor, I would suspect. They can get away from me sometimes. :)