Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday was the second Gothic & Lolita Bible party in Little Tokyo. Had a brilliant time—got to meet some lovely lolis, a couple TOKYOPOP interns, and a steampunk goth! Pictures to come after I've gotten them off my camera. Sorry, not as many this time as from the first party.


the mighty war-khan said...

Even me being the unassuming bystander, hap-chanced on a few boxes of free strawberry Pocky surrounded by introverted Gothic Lolitas making this trip to Kinokuniya et Marukai a memorable experience.

Oh how I wish I was bold with that tall, iridescent complexion, lightly freckled Hapa-esque Loli-Goth.

Elegant yet coy, I did nothing.

Chandra Rooney said...

Do not despair; the elegant lolitas are a romantic lot, and their hearts may be swayed by bunnies, sonnets, and roses.

The Fair Folk are a stranger lot, but one might recommend a pair of goggles to reflect their mesmer back at them. Tis said they fancy the bards.