Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Announcing the Summer Shorts writing challenge!

See, I put writing so you don't think this is about whose legs look best. *ahem* Karen Mahoney and I are engaging in a short fiction writing challenge, and we're opening it up to anyone else who'd like to participate. My motivation comes from On Spec's next submission deadline being August 31st; Karen just wanted to write a short story.

The challenge: Write more than 5000 new words of short fiction before August 5th, 2008.

Oh, so easy, says you. We understand that anyone can write 5000 words in three weeks. The challenge is learning how to write "finished" short pieces instead of a beginning to a longer work.

As not every story need 5000 words to tell it, we have options available to make the challenge as easy and productive as you'd like it to be:

1) It is at your discretion how you use those 5000 required words. So if you want to write like ten 500 word flash fiction pieces, go ahead.

2) You may apply some or all of the 5000 words to completing existing short fiction projects, so long as individual finished pieces remain below 6000 words.

3) You must still write 5000 words. Therefore, if you only need 1500 to complete your project, you have to start another story to write the remaining 3500.

4) You are not required to finish every story you begin, but only completed stories count towards your total.

5) You may write stories set in existing worlds and using existing characters, so long as you are the created of that world and characters. For example, you may write a side-story adventure for a secondary character from your manuscript or a backstory happening that you wanted to write but didn't feel it "belonged" in the manuscript. The story, however, needs to be completed outside the context of your manuscript.

6) Aside from bragging rights, everyone who meets the challenge will be entered into a draw for prizes! The amount of prizes will depend on the amount of participants. Prizes may include tasty Purdy's Chocolates, amazon.com giftcards, critique services, handmade bookmarks, or something else awesome that we think of.

If you are feeling generous and would like to contribute a prize, please let us know.

Comment in the livejournal announcement if you are taking up the challenge, so we can track who's involved—and spread the word, so we can be overwhelmed by your awesome short fiction abilities and feel it necessary to make this a seasonal thing. ;)


Karen Mahoney said...

Project SUMMER SHORTS is go. I repeat, it is a go! *g*

ZOMG! Now I have to write a short story...

Chandra Rooney said...

ZOMG, now I have to finish one!

That Girl said...

Oh you evil temptresses. I already HAVE a challenge-y writing project, and yet...

Chandra Rooney said...

o/` Keep doing what you're doing anyway and you could get prizes o/`

Baraness said...

Chandra, count me in!