Monday, July 07, 2008

Floral Festivities and Lovely Lolitas

June 28, 2008
Kinokuniya Books, Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

The theme of the second Gothic & Lolita Bible launch party was floral, and a flower-filled event it was. New faces and returns from the first launch party, as the lovely lolitas of Los Angeles (and surrounding areas) gathered for polite social discourse, pleasantly pink refreshments, and—of course—the floral dress competition.

The gracious winner. Her floral headdress may have given her the advantage. Look at those adorable shoes! Plus, her accents of purple made her stand out in the crowd. No one else had a paper parasol. How very summer.

The gothic lolita in the red under black dress is Miss Violeta. Her dress was stunning—every time I saw it, I found some new detail I'd overlooked. In the white with delicate blue flowers is her friend, who was another winner for the floral dress competition. Those stacked shoes appeared to be everywhere.

This is Miss Emily. She had some darling boots that she let us know had originally been purchased for a steampunk outfit, but they worked beautifully with this ensemble, too. I was unfamiliar with this bustle style, that allowed so much of the petticoat to show. It creates a great visual detail so a lolita can turn heads coming and going.

Emily has one of the highly coveted violin case handbags from Baby The Stars Shine Bright, and out little group couldn't stop talking about it. May I just say those "steampunk" boats also work great with a pair of Coach sunglasses? Don't think just because a girl dresses lolita means she can't add in a dash of mainstream style to create a personal flavor.

Speaking of steampunk... we happened upon this gentleman decked out in his finest. He was kind enough to allow us to take a picture. I'm told there is a steampunk scene in Los Angeles, but I couldn't tell you where to find it. Alas, no cybergoths for a compare and contrast shot. I do love techno-goggles and UV-friendly looks, but the Victorian elegance of steampunk is something I adore in both fashion and literature.

These two lolitas keep out of the sun with their lacy white parasols, proving that the accessory functions during rain and shine as a must have. I believe the black dress resembles a pattern from Sweet Rococo, but I, unfortunately, neglected to ask if it was one of their custom designs.

It seemed this launch featured some of the best hair. Aside from the winning girl's elaborate floral headdress, there were two other fantastic styles. This first one is a bit of a punk lolita look: Dreaded pigtails. They were super funky, and really added an edge to her outfit (echoed in the belt and footwear.) Complimentary sweet and tough gave this look a lot of visual interest.

The amazing multicolored floral look of this do stopped me in my tracks. The simple teal bubble dress with the pearl necklace allowed her hair to be the show-stopper, without competing for attention. Plus the great floral accents were perfect in keeping with the event's theme.

All around, another fun lolita event! This time there was more socializing and less bingo, but TOKYOPOP and Kinokuniya were model hosts. Our little group of appreciators had a delightful time, and it looked like the participants did, as well.

I hear rumors the next launch party will be San Francisco in September. I hope the Bay Area lolitas come out and show their styles—even though I'll have to be content with seeing them in the pages of a future Bible.


C. Leigh Purtill said...

Looks like so much fun!!! You're still in LA?

Chandra Rooney said...

No, no. This was the weekend before I left. It's just taken me a considerable amount of time to get it on the blog.

Rachel said...

That was a lovely day.