Thursday, July 17, 2008

So much love has found me today

If I appear to vanish until August sometime, it's because I'm on livejournal managing the Summer Shorts Writing Challenge—the response has been overwhelming, and we'll "officially" kick things off tomorrow.

I'm in that little lull of low wordage that occurs after I finish a draft (or redraft,) so the words have not been flowing as quickly. They trickle, but I've grown accustom to this ebb and flow. From the sounds of it, I'll be working somewhat fulltime for the month of August, which should bring some structure to the days again, as they've been getting away from me. Well, more like the days are a pack of small dogs and they keep jumping over each other and tangling up their leashes so they seem like one creature with many feet.

This is likely the reason I opted to download Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog from iTunes rather than watch it via the streaming feed, but the few minutes I did watch before deciding to just purchase it (and help Joss Whedon pay his crew) featured Neil Patrick Harris in a pair of stupendously evil goggles and a white smock. This is l-o-v-e.

Speaking of stupendous goggles, from That Girl, more love via Etsy and the Neverwas Haul. I am left wondering if Shiro should go Steampunk for book two.

And last, the labor of love...let me show you:

I call it We'll Always Have Paris. Black/gold firepolished beads, accented with "antique gold" metal mesh beads, gold wooden bead, and Eiffel tower charm. Heart and pin clasp. C'est amour, mon cher. Mais oui!


Rachel said...

I'm glad you're having creative fun!

C. Leigh Purtill said...

oooh, beautiful bracelet! love the beads!