Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I was not at the RWA Slumber Party this weekend. Let's just leave it at that. The whole reason I bring up the RWA Slumber Party is to mention... Wicked Lovely won the RITA for the YA category!

The YA manuscript needs some work, I think, but it's at the stage where the input that comes from critique partners and Miriam will guide me by asking the questions so I can find the right way to answer them. I also feel that this is the time for Miriam to express her opinion as things aren't so clean-cut for this manuscript. It's not a dependency on Miriam to "write things for me," but a need for a professional with a better grasp of the current standards to read with a fresh pair of eyes.

That's why I wanted an agent. It's why I need an editor, and it's why I decided vanity press was not the correct path for me. I require the third-party feedback. I need someone to come in and pull me back when I'm getting my prose tangled in the abstract ether (thank you, Jenna) or being unnecessarily obtuse or not getting the right tone of voice for the character's stated age.

I remind myself time and again when the critiques come that the people I work with I choose to work with because I trust them to kick my ass when it needs kicking and I know they have my back. They want to make what I've written go from good to great to the best it can be at this point. Yes, we read the revisions notes and there's a struggle to put the ego down, but the difference between a good writer and a bad one is someone who can learn from constructive criticism.

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