Monday, August 18, 2008

It occurred to me on Sunday that in less than a month I would be landing at the Kansai International Airport. This, of course, brought a smile to my lips—an aside, is it the licorice in Bert's Bee's Honey lip balm that is so fragrant? I smear my mouth and wonder who's wearing perfume when there appears to be no one else in the room.

Excited for Kyoto? Verily so. However, also aware that the planning of this trip has been falling by the wayside—along with the jewelry experiment—as of late. I have been losing a couple days a week to an office job, but still there are at least 5 others that should provide ample time to accomplish things. Important things, like blogging for example.

FRAGMENTS has taken its place in Agent M's to be read pile, and TALE is diligently hunting its perfect editor. (We all know there is not a Hunter better than our Shiro.) So... I'm not quite sure where the time is going. I fear there might be some kind of rift beneath Kamloops that is scattering my days across time and space. Awfully rude of it.

I have two ideas for stand-alone projects, and I suspect they're both at the YA level. While I should be examining these ideas from various angles, I found myself unable to so easily depart the world of FRAGMENTS. Instead of working on New!Shiny!New! I am outlining the following books in the series FRAGMENTS begins. All five of them. By hand. It goes well, thanks for asking, if by well I mean "at a ponderous pace." The longhand feels like dial-up after zoom!fast! cable, but it is making me breathe and approach the book with a "this then that" outlook that's keeping it from overwhelming me.

Of course, when I type up my "this then that" outline, I realize I'm at over 2100 words and I'm only 2/3 of the way through the plot...for a 70,000 word novel. The outline for FRAGMENTS, which I confess I didn't follow to the letter, is 1230 words long. The extra wordage that would have been in outline developed as I was writing and revising the novel.

The outline for BELOVED, the follow-up to TALE, is 809-ish words long. That's because I wrote it as more of a treatment—just a page to express the general plans of the novel. (The third book's concept was expressed in 90 words. It could have been much shorter: "they go to Japan. Hijinks ensue." )

Later today I'll have archival photos of the shiny baubles.

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