Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post #300

Post #300?

I am basking in the glow of yesterday's lingering warmth.

Despite the fact that my brain has been short-circuiting lately—I think it's a stress-related thing—and I mixed up the words "abortion" and "abstinence," the discussion with Miriam went well. Smashingly so, even if we did end up discussing mostly existing projects instead of potential ones. All the time in the world for new!shiny! ideas, and I think it's best to deal with the demanding little prince of a series I proposed already.

She is very fond of FRAGMENTS and asks all the right questions to pry out my "skerit planz" for the rest of the series and backstory and concept. I do, however, need to see if I can't brush-stroke in a wee bit more international relations to flesh out the geography and cultural differences. (I was too busy, er, having things come out of mirrors and kidnap teenagers.) There's also one plot point that needs resolving, as it's a wee "why didn't they just do this," but it should be easily resolved through a line or two of dialogue. Plus, she pointed out a place where I can slip in information to address aspects of the concepts that set-up larger plot things.

Relived. Grateful. Looking forward to getting back into the book to make the minor revisions we discussed.

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