Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer memory

(Originally written as a writing exercise from the prompt "I'm from.." )

I'm from swing hard beneath me. Chain links naked and warm. Sunshine against closed lids that open on blue rushing to green. So much blue but a white cumulus bikini keeps it modest.

I'm from laughing over rocks in the shallow area. Ankle deep in water clear now, but weeks ago it flowed milky coffee over the brim and stained the picnic tables.

From campfire smoke and ash snowflakes. From KFC-greased fingers and yellow rope spiderweb climbing gym. From the water never seemed too cold then.

I am from salmon and magenta skies, and tree black shadows against a ghost sun. From space to see it, breathe in campfire, and carefully pull that gooey marshmallow from the stick.

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Rachel said...

That's a good summer memory.