Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend jewelry productions

I have been busy as of late discovering new beauties. Bookmarks were not enough of a variance from the traditional necklaces and bracelets, now my muse has found even more ways to wear baubles—baubles for your bag! Theoretically, they could be keychains if you clip them to existing key-rings. (The next batch may include a small key-ring, after I find the necessary supplies.)

This one is Sherbet and Candy Flowers—orange, red, pink and yellow glass beads. Orange lantern beads. Small square glass beads with flowers or stripes. Large iridescent white glass tube. Two artisan glass beads, one pink vintage flower bead. Leaf and flower shiny metal accents. (Will be available for sale at The Art We Are gallery.) Below is the clip on display in an action shot.

Antique Forest—green glass beads accented with faux smoky quartz, swarovski crystals, black diamond and facet beads, various smaller glass beads in dark iridescent colors, large pale green glass heart bead, vintage translucent flower bead, and antique-finished charm with large faux stone. (Also to be available at The Art We Are gallery.)

Star Candy and Playful Lotus bracelet—lotus clasp with orange and magenta lotus charm. Yellow glass star beads, bronze-colored spacers, large gold-silk bead, and multicolor glass beads. (Soon to be available at The Art We Are gallery.)

Summer Garden bookmark—gold-color flower charm, green glass beads, purple iridescent bead, pink flower glass bead. (Available soon at The Art We Are gallery.)

Awareness bookmark—blue swirl glass bead with wire finish accent, blue cathedral beads, various blue glass beads, and one blue artisan bead.

I purchased this beautiful citrine leaf-shaped pendant, but had no chain to hang it on. Out came the beads... all are yellow and gold glass beads of various shapes and colors, except for the two jade beads. Below is a close-up of the feature area of the necklace.


C. Leigh Purtill said...

gorgeous! and i love the "action shots"! did i ask how long you're in japan? did you tell me? i want to make sure i get yarn for you and get started on the cap (i have 3 leg warmer projects on my plate first but those usually go very quickly).

KT said...

These are looking lovely. I especially like your bookmarks, they're a really nice idea and I've not seen ones like them.