Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ake: It's your favorite foxes here to tell all those who requested postcards that they are in the mail.
Ken: Some to people who didn't request them, but that's what you get for being foolish enough to give Chandra your address.
Ake: She'll be going to Gunma to visit her friend tomorrow.
Ken: She was going to be prepared and have the past days scheduled to post while she's gone, but we're not certain that will happen.
Ake: It's highly unlikely she'll have internet there, either, but she'll return with pictures of Nikko, Tochigi and Karuizawa, Nagano for us.
Ken: And you, too, but only if we allow it.
Ake: We might not.
Ken: But we probably will.
Ake: Unless you make us angry.
Ken: Then we won't.
Ake: You were supposed to say "you wouldn't like us when we're angry."
Ken: A Hulk reference is so undignified.
Ake: ...have fun living with Sarah's cats.
Ken: I will. She has Guitar Hero.


Sarah K said...

They are so cute!! And you named them, which makes for awesomsauce.

Chandra Rooney said...

Because they're twins! XD

I'll explain it when I see you.