Monday, September 22, 2008

Ken: Ano, the travel blog appears to have stopped.
Ake: Someone must be tired.
Ken: Very tired.
Ake: Probably has sore feet, too.
Ken: Poor thing.
Ake: Oooooh, don't say that. You know she hates it when Japanese people say that.
Ken: I thought she hated it when they called her fish-girl. Or Kuugen. Or Asuka. Or Inari-chan. Or nekomata. Or kitsune. Or shirokata.
Ake: She doesn't mind when they call her Sakura.
Ken: You know, they mistake her for a boy?
Ake: I mistake you for a boy sometimes, too.
Ken: ...I hope she sends you to Karen.


JohnEvans said...

Hahaha! Awwwwww...

Christina said...

Yeah! I can read the last three letters on their tags! <3 Though, I have no idea what it means. T_T back to the drawing board. ja mata!