Monday, September 08, 2008

The latest batch of shiny baubles

Have been busy not being in front of a computer. Oh yes, and becoming an informed voter. So if anyone knows of a place where the Liberal party's stances on various issues are concisely and simply stated, I could use it. The website is sadly lacking (compared to the incredibly accessibly NDP site.)

Now... jewelry. The first two pieces are not for sale, but the others are. Email me (or note via facebook) if you are interested and please specify which piece.

Bookmarks, bracelets, more necklaces, and few cellphone accessories are forthcoming. Commissions are open, but construction will not begin until October. If you order and pick-up at World Fantasy or Surrey International Writer's Conference (Saturday, Oct 25th only) the shipping fee will be waived.

Valentine handbag clip. Crystal heart, gold-colored wing charms, red crystals, purple, gold, red, and grey glass beads.

Butterfly garden bracelet. Pink cathedral glass beads, gold, pink, green, clear glass beads, pink floral glass bead, butterfly charm, heart toggle clasp. (Made by request.)

Path Not Taken keychain. Features: small clip, key ring, hand-blown glass artisan bead, red crystals, sparkly metal beads, glass star beads, red and clear glass beads, red flower bead. Red plastic quote charm with Robert Frost quote from "The Path Not Taken." FOR SALE: $24 (plus small shipping fee.)

Dream Brilliantly key chain. Features: lace-covered jewel charm, dream statement, glass star beads, metal mesh bead, pink, blue, clear, silver glass beads, cobalt glass bead, blue/white fire-finished faceted glass bead, blue lampwork handblown artisan bead, key ring, small clasp. FOR SALE: $24 (plus small shipping fee.)

Courage, Dear Heart key chain. Features: metal mesh heart charm, courage statement, multicolor glass beads, pink glass bead, pink glass diamond, butterfly carm, small key ring and small clasp. FOR SALE: $24 (plus small shipping fee.)

Lime and Blueberry Candy necklace. Blue and green glass beads, blue & green large glass beads, metal spacers, blue silk chord bead. Dull spiral metal toggle clasp. FOR SALE: $35 (plus small shipping fee.)

Grape Bubble Gum necklace. Pink and purple glass beads, fuschia cathedral beads, purple glass drop beads, fire-finished glass facet bead with pink inlay, purple and fucshia large glass bead, shot through the heart gold toggle clasp. FOR SALE: $35 (plus small shipping fee.)

Citrus Candy necklace. Yellow, orange and red glass beads, small madarin catherdal beads, yellow star glass beads, star toggle clasp. FOR SALE: $35 (plus small shipping fee.)

Shipping fee is relative to where the item is being sent. Yes, I will ship both international and overseas.

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Rachel said...

They're pretty! Hope you sell lots!