Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Safely arrived in Japan

As I am now in Japan, my English skills will deteriorate rather quickly, as for some reason I haven't managed to master not defaulting to Japanese English when in Japan.

September in Kyoto in one word: melty. As in, I am feeling melty because I think I am melting. Perhaps I will melt some pounds by the power of humidity and 30 degrees Celsius weather.

The flight went smoothly and faster than I thought, as I set my watch for Japan's time zone but was 2 hours off so we were closer than I thought. (My trouble with time zones is legendary, I always have to ask my agent for the time in "my time" when we do phone calls.)

Proving that if you ask, it shall be provided... I met a couple in the custom's line who assured me that the person coming to meet them could tell me how to get to the Kansai Airport train station. Upon parting with them, I met a group of women who were headed to the train station and pointed me towards the JR ticket office.

The train ride was short, and featured an exchange with the gentleman who had been "following" me from Kamloops. A Mr. Ken House, who happens to run the high school home stay program for the Kamloops district. That's right, two Canadians in the train car and they do know each other.

It gets dark here fast! By 6:30 pm it's nighttime.

Alice met me at Kyoto Station, and we went to her apartment building by taxi. She told me the name of her street and all I could comprehend in my jet-lagged-I've-been-up-for-over-24-hours state was that the name sounded like a mouthful I would merclessly butchur.

We ate at a Mos Burger, because I needed something very simple that didn't require a lot of thought as I was not doing well. As examplified by we passed a shrine twice on Shogo Street before it dawned on me that it wasn't a restaurant.

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Rachel said...

Glad you're there safe and sound.