Monday, October 06, 2008

The jet lag kicked my ass

So I can explain what happened to the travel blog.

First, I was traveling.

Second, I was traveling without my tablet and thus was having to do the photo work with a trackpad. There are few things less useful than a trackpad for photo work. (Two of them include a trackball and a Mac mouse.)

Third, the jet lag kicked my ass. After surviving a 32 hour day Oct 1st, I was relatively useless for the next four days. In fact, I still woke up this morning at an unholy hour—you know, like when only Vicki Pettersson is awake.

The good thing is that I've managed to edit through all but the last set of photos, so I should have selections for posting regarding the rest of the trip this week. Assuming that I don't succumb to the desire to write another 3000 words per day for the remainder of the week, in which case, you may never know what happened during the second half of my trip.

Sorry. Priorities—as I'm losing another week at the end of the month to World Fantasy in Calgary.


John Evans said...

It's cool, priorities are important. Just glad to see you're still going through life with gusto. ;)

C. Leigh Purtill said...

Welcome back to North America! Guess what's in a small soft envelope right now? That's right, a hat with your name on it! Just tell me where and when to send it your way! Can't wait to see more pictures...