Thursday, October 09, 2008

Today I...

• Looked at maps of the projected effects of rising sea levels and found they did not alarm me nearly as much as they should have.

• Looked at a map of the San Andreas Fault line to guess what part of California would drop off into the ocean after that Great Quake happens.

• Researched nicknames for Seattle, WA.

• Redrew the map of North America.

• Contemplated easy, effective, but not stupid names for a plague.

This means, of course, the revision notes for FRAGMENTS arrived last night. The writing workload of these particular revisions isn't massive, we're a paragraph here, a few more lines of dialogue there. What creates the workload is the background thinking that goes into those few new paragraphs and phrasing of those new dialogue exchanges.

It's a lot of detail work, which is usually my favorite kind of revising, but Mercury Retrograde has been playing tricks on this wee poor virgo. Normally, I don't put much thought into Mercury Retrograde, but... my agent is having issues with her email server and attachments, I experienced the bullet trains losing the plot in Japan, and a package sent to Rachel Vincent from Kyoto arrived in my mailbox yesterday. (I sent the package—there is somewhat of a logical explaination for what happened.)

I'm going to quietly go work on my revisions, enjoy the long weekend—it's Thanksgiving here in Canada—and try to decide who I'm voting for on Tuesday in the federal election.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... that MR thing... might explain a few things. I should check out my horoscope--it's been a long time. Like a year. LOL!

I'm an Aries--I just ram my way through life blindly sometimes.

John Evans said...

Wow, that sounds...kind of apocalyptic.

But good to hear you're doing well anyway. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Um. Just wow. I should read my horoscope more often. So far, so strangely on target... Says a VIP is going to push for me hard later this month, but check this part.

"An important project or relationship will crystallize, or exciting news you've waited to hear arrives at the full moon in Aries: October 14."

Great. No sleep for me on the 13th. LOL

Here's where I went.

Chandra Rooney said...

John: Post apocalyptic. I think you'll like this series. ;)

Rinda: That is cool! I looked at mine and it told me not to sign any contracts until after the 20... I assume the contract it's talking about the employment one. It also said "Best time for a quick, short trip: the weekend of October 25-26" which is when I'm going to be in Surrey!

Rachel said...

Post apocalyptic is the best! You can have so much fun with them, I think.

I voted today, well, last night. I mailed my ballot in today. Cross that off the list.

I heard this morning on NPR that right now Canada is perceived to have the strongest banking system at this moment. That could change. Right now US banks are being rated below Estonian and Namibian banks!

Ha! I think the Peanut Albinos came out with their CD just in time!

Anonymous said...

I love post apocalyptic stories. Have two I've been working on a while.

That's a detailed horoscope site. Very fun to look at the past month and see what matches.