Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wow, since I've returned from Japan—and, all right, for the past couple months—it's like I've needed an angel to come and pull my blog back into the world of the living. (Like they did for Dean Winchester. Mmm Dean....)

So what's been going on? I wish I knew. Suspecting that the cause is too much time spent reading the f-list on livejournal. Wishing the cause was an incredibly productive past couple of months. Blaming, mostly, Mercury retrograde. I have a friend who will back me up on this—my chart proves Mercury retrograde is extra harsh on me due to a Virgo sun and a Gemini moon.

But those are all excuses, and I'd bet the true culprit is a transition period. Like so much of my life, I've spent the past few months with everything up in the air. Plans being made, only to be changed. It's all been very fluid, water parting around rocks, finding an alternate route.

I started a new job this week. Today will be my 3rd training shift, and I've got another on Monday. It's all very detail-orientated and I'm having a lot of information thrown at me. The team that I work with are welcoming, helpful, and incredibly friendly. Yet, new things bring change and change is disruptive to pattens and habits and discipline over the past month and a half hasn't been my strongest trait.

Eventually this new change will help to establish a new pattern—bring structure to my days. It's just the transition has to play itself out.

Revising FRAGMENTS was good for me, but it has brought to my attention that what I've got for SHARDS doesn't work as well as it should. Also, I feel daunted by something that shouldn't be daunting. Due to whatever, I lost track of telling the story a sentence at a time and trusting that in the end those are going to be good sentences—always capable of becoming better sentences later.

I'll be in Surrey for the Surrey International Writers' Conference this weekend (registered for Saturday.) All I can say for sure is that you'll find me at Vicki Pettersson's panel Get Over Yourself—and Get Writing. If you're there, too, say hello.

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Rachel said...

Aw! I wish I'd read this earlier! If you read this before you go, tell her hi for me. Have a good time.