Monday, November 24, 2008

I have been a naughty writer. No biscuits for me. No, no.

For a good three weeks I was making excellent progress on SHARDS. I made it about 18, 500 words in—and BELOVED came calling. Softly, at first, but then more insistent with each passing day. Offering ideas, and when that didn't work, it started to play dirty.

So I gave it 5XX words. Nice words. Good words. After that, I told it to go play outside while I attended to SHARDS.

I'll be honest: writing-wise last week sucked. Less than 2000 words over seven days. Pathetic.

I had such hope for this week. Shiny and new and quiet. Two perfect days in a row mid-week with no shifts to set a goal of 2500 daily words. Two days of cocooned writing that I would gladly emerge from on Friday ready to face the coffee crowd.

My beautiful two days is now a Wednesday. One of those peculiar transition days—not the beginning of the week nor the end. Just that odd middle part. A magical day, perhaps, but a 5000 word day?

Maybe. It is still Monday, after all, and they are relatively hopeful days.


Leigh said...

I have a 2K a day goal, leaving my weekends free for rumination and reading, but lately it's been hit or miss for me. Some days it takes me to pull out the words and with the holidays coming up, I just don't have time for that. I need a special magic potion for creative flow. Do you have one in Canada???

Baraness said...

You are a Word Wizard! I have every confidence in you in the world!