Thursday, November 06, 2008

It has been a week of firsts...

A lot has happened since my last entry—America delighted and inspired the world by choosing a candidate who ran on a platform of hope, instead of another four years of a party that has remained in power through fear-mongering. (I decline to comment on the results of California's Prop 8 until I can find an official announcement including the absentee vote count.)

The fact that Barrack Obama is also the first African-American president... well, that's significant, too, but in making it about race, don't we diminish—however slightly—this proclamation that race no longer matters?

Since I'm, like, chuffed about results, I'm not even getting that worried feeling about everyone referring to him as the first "global president."

The media called the election before polls even closed on the West Coast and in Alaska. I half-wondered if I'd wake up on November 5th to find a report that we'd all made a mistake, so please welcome President McCain and his Toclafane friends. (C'mon, you wanted to see McCain regenerate into John Simm as much as I did.)

This is my transition, if you didn't notice, into what else happened while I was gone. Namely, David Tennant announced that he won't be carrying on as the Doctor in the 2010 series. I'm, of course, gutted about this. The whole prospect of a Steven Moffat-steered, Tennant-driven series was how I was planning to sustain myself during the year of specials.

With respect, I understand why Tennant is leaving. It is what Buffy did: Left us on a high note begging for more instead of losing us to inane plot twists and repetitive stories. As a writer who wants to do a series, I see the appeal of going on and on, but I know that a character has only so much in him. Those memorable ones remain with us long after the series has ended, because it didn't drag out and immunize us to their charms.

I want anything I do to end on a high note, too, and not succumb to the "how about three more books, here is a dollar sign with a lot of zeroes after it." (Yes, this might be a bit cart then horse, but it's all hypotheticals right now.) In that way, I can only respect Tennant's decision more.

Yes, I'm aware the series isn't ending and the Doctor isn't dying, but the Tenth Doctor—my Doctor—is. I don't like it, but that's the fannish part of me. The creative part gets it.

Oh, and it snowed today for the first time this year. Powdered surgar, dissolving mostly as it coats the still-warm earth. Actually, snowing still. We're starting to lose the still-green grass beneath white, although I can see various blades slicing upwards.

First snow and snow on Christmas really do fall into a completely different category. We don't think of the boots and ski pants and wind-burnt cheeks that winter brings, but just fill with this child-like sense of wonder of "ooooh, snow!" At least, I find myself doing so today.


KT said...

Unless you're British, where ALL snow is OOOOOH IT'S SNOWING. XD

Jim said...

you had snow today.

I wore shorts, it was eighty.

you knew I would tell.