Friday, November 21, 2008

Shiny Baubles for 11/21/08

I have many, many Christmas ornaments finished. They are all, however, headed to Christmas at the Square at St Andrew's on the Square here in Kamloops. (It's one of my favorite buildings downtown—I did part of a photo shoot for my DAAD final project there. I also love the Brownstone Restaurant building and the Youth Hostel.)

I had some bookmarks finished as well, but they've already sold, so the only offerings this week are three bracelets:

Big Bauble Bracelet: Hot (sexy) magenta jewel-tone faceted beads, faux smoky quartz beads, and a zebra cord bead from Japan. Finished with a square toggle clasp and a detailed butterfly.

Shining Star bracelet: gold, blue, and green glass beads accented with yellow glass stars and a large blue and gold folded glass star from Japan. Finished with a star toggle clasp.

True Love bracelet: pinks and clear glass beads accented with larger glass beads and a polished square rose quartz. Finished with a shot-through-the-heart toggle clasp and the kanji for love.


Leigh said...

Gor-juss! Do all of your pieces mean something to you? Do the individual beads and charms represent different things to you?

Chandra Rooney said...

When you're working with semi-precious stones, they each have a property/purpose. As for regular beads, usually I go by color associations. But pieces are usually built around a bead or a focal point (like a color or a charm) and the rest falls into place from there.

Rachel said...

They are very pretty! Hope you stuff sells well at the Christmas on the Square!