Tuesday, December 16, 2008

As of late, Canada's forgotten it's not officially winter until the 21st and has become ridiculously cold. As in the limb-numbing, lung-stabbing, breath-stealing, snow-covered kind of cold I associate with the dead of January—or Edmonton on New Year's Eve.

Oh, I exaggerate. The current temperature would be consider balmy by Edmontonians. (God love them, they're a hardy lot.)

From the Christmas party, I bring you pointers:

1) No, you don't know the words to Genie in a Bottle. Even if you do, don't try to sing it. The beat changes will throw you.

2) It's not a real party until someone butchers Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

3) The reason the aforementioned song gets butchered is we all forget about those two lines in the chorus that are off the high end of most people's vocal ranges.

4) Never let on that you're frightened by something, because I'll remember it so I can use that to defeat you if you turn Anti-Spiral on us.

Tomorrow night is The Art We Are's The Art YOU Are night, aka open mic at the Gallery. I'll be participating by reading the beginning scene of The Tarot Cafe Novel, which requires no exposure to the comic for enjoyment.

The artistic quota of the week has been met by doing FRAGILE ETERNITY graphics for wickedlovely.com. This has resulted in butterflies on the brain. Here, have a wee preview:

Ohh, and there cookies that will need baking this weekend. Yum yum.


Jim said...

I can so hit those notes. How dare you challenge me!

Anonymous said...

Witnessed the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at a karaoke once where the singer copied everything--down to the strange laughing noise...

My table about died. Still pretty funny. ;)

Chandra Rooney said...

From the sounds of it, Rinda, that's the work of a professional. :)