Thursday, December 04, 2008

Coming up for Air

Oh, December. Christmas shopping to do. Jewelry to make. Packages and cards to worry about getting mailed in time. Holiday parties to attend. Vacations preparations to complete.

And in all this... SHARDS found its footing in one of those glorious aha! moments late on the weekend. While I surpassed 30,000 words on December 1st, there's little time to pause and celebrate as I have another 30,000 to write this month.

25,000 words is where all the interweaving of all the threads starts to become apparent—30,000–40,000 is where the story starts to write itself. The momentum is there, and around 50,000 words the plots screaming down toward the resolution, so it's all I can do to keep up.

More importantly, where I am now the book is going forward. Becoming its own story and not just a continuation of events from the first book. It's digging deeper, it's telling me more about the world and the characters, which allows the Great Mystery to play a more significant role in the series arc. There needs to be a difference between who Runa and Valen are in book one and who they are in book six. Knowing that allows me to better create the plot obstacles that will force them to grown and learn so they can reach that potential.

There isn't a difference in adult versus young adult, per say, with my projects. It's a difference in what each series is about and wants to accomplish. The YA has a much faster pace, a grander scale, and there's a lot of flash and shine to it. The adult book has a quieter approach, more intimate and there's a conscious dedication to the beauty of the words that create that intimacy.

I choose words differently for the books, because they need to speak in a way that uses my voice for their purpose. Manuscripts are like people, they have individual reasons and desires that motivate them. It doesn't mean they aren't united in greater ideals—just that they're able to contribute in their way to the support of those ideals.

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