Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Review for The Tarot Cafe Novel

As I contemplate my answers for the interviews I'm doing for The Tarot Cafe Novel: The Wild Hunt, I paused to seek out a link to one of the interviewer's previous reviews—Katie Trattner has reviewed the comic series—and I find that there's already a review floating around the net for the novel.

Now, this—aside from the people I've been in contact with to do reviews/interviews/events—will likely be the only one I'm going to read. While I value the feedback, if you really want to tell me, you can do the legwork to find me. I'm halfway through the rough draft for SHARDS, so I've got my head buried in the Nevada Desert sand again.

Well, that and I need to actually reread the novel when I get my author copies, because I'm a little fuzzy on the details. I seem to recall spending most of the revisions thinking "that is sooo over the top. I bet they ask me to tone it down. Wait, they didn't. Wow."

Thank you to the Otaku Bookshelf and you may read Katherine Dacey and Ken Haley's review here. It states: "I’m pleased to report that her adaptation is entertaining and true to the spirit of Sang-Sun Park’s manhwa, yet accessible to readers unfamiliar with the original series."

It also says: "The Tarot CafĂ© is one of the best “novelizations” of a manga to be published in the US. Rooney pulls off the difficult trick of writing for fans and newcomers alike, demonstrating her knowledge of the original story while expanding its universe to include new characters. Her work functions both as an effective companion to the manhwa and a stand-alone YA novel, and should be a hit with teens who love supernatural soap operas."

Wow. That's almost as good as the header having Mokona in goggles! I love Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle and goggles. Or I love TRC because of the goggles... Did I mention the sand in my teeth?


Rachel said...

That's great, Chandra! Congratulations!

John Evans said...

That sounds like the best review you could possibly get! :)

Leigh said...

Yay! That's the way to start a book launch- with a great review! Congrats!! Can't wait for it here!