Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seven things on a Thursday

Blog cleaning is not the same as house cleaning because no actual cleaning happens. It's more a metaphorical clearing of space as various items that should be addressed or mentioned are sent on their way.

Wow, I realize the blog disappeared for a while. Weekly updates aren't really good enough, are they?

1) I have made several wonderful bookmarks, but I don't want to spoil anyone's holiday surprise, so I'll wait until I know they've been received to post the images. Any of you Californians interested in the beaded holiday ornaments? I can endeavor to bring a few with me.

2) There's a holiday party for work on Saturday. I know, it's fascinating. We're going to play this game where you steal presents. It sounds exciting and vaguely kaitou-ish. I will probably take a bookmark or a bracelet. Cookie swap is the following weekend, so it's time to bake those cinnamon-snaps.

3) The Art We Are has an open mic night called The Art YOU Are on December 17th at 7 pm—$3 at the door. Swing by #201 322 Victoria Street and let Christina know you're coming.

4) I am obsessively listening to the Gurren Lagann opening theme and happily ever after.

5) SHARDS draft will surpass 40,000 words this week.

6) I bought an espresso machine to help me develop my skillz at home. It's semi-automatic, which really means I have to grind the beans myself and switch out the portafilter each time. I, however, mastered the steam wand's lesser pressure and am getting sexy foam. The machine's name is Steve. Feel free to leave "lulz" in the comments if you understand why.

7) I have made a startling discovery—my dog is Batman. Behold the ever-vigilant Dog Knight!


Sarah K said...


2. That is the kind of gift exchange my coffee shop is having on Sunday. I plan to bring magnets of roosters.

3. Still am not sure about attending the thing.

4. We haven't started watching that yet. But we did finish Life on Mars, and damn was that good [if a little predictable].


6. Steve has mad coffee makihng skillz. Heh.


Jim said...

Your dog is Batman? Wow, that's like, cooler than James Bond.

KT said...

Steve is beautiful and I want one. A lot.

Rachel said...

Yay, Steve! And cool! You know Batman!