Friday, January 30, 2009

Having descended into the madness that is taking a zero draft to ready to be viewed by other people, you likely won't see very much of me over the next couple weeks. In addition to my writing work, I have a busy day job schedule and it will always be the blog that is pushed aside in this situation.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Since the first winners didn't claim their prizes, I've selected new ones.

Danne Cole—you win the ARC of PRIDE.

Alana Joli—you win the ARC of Any Given Doomsday.

Please contact me by Friday at 11:59 PM PST to claim your prizes.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last call for PRIDE Winners

Jeffrey Lloyd and NPage—last call. If I don't hear from you today (by 11:59 PM PST), you forfeit your prizes and two more names will bring drawn.

I apologize for the slowness in getting the original winners' announcement up. I spent the weekend in deep writer-space. During a push to finish the draft I'm working on, I wrote nearly 10,000 words in three days. I was a little wrecked and spent Monday and Tuesday watching Code Geass. (No, probably not any healthier for my sanity, but the well was dry and Lelouch looks like Oliver.)

It's a good thing that I did finish the draft before watching Code Geass, because it's one of those things that you watch, sigh, and curse the fact that didn't you just write that into Chapter X? Reminding me we can't escape what's come before us, even if we aren't aware of it. All you can do is write the idea you have to the best of your ability, because it won't the same as if someone else had written it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Release Day, Jamie Ford!

Today is Jamie Ford's debut day. Please purchase his amazing novel The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, so we can see his name on the NYT Bestseller List.

When I first started Dreaming in Red, there were two bloggers that I "met" relatively quickly: Rachel Vincent and Jamie. So I tell you with sincerity that I have spent two years reading about The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and wondering when I would get to read it instead. Now that I have a copy that answer is very, very soon.

Congratulations, Jamie! Can't wait to see your work next in Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology.

Monday, January 26, 2009

PRIDE contest Winners!

One of the pseudo-random number generators on the internet has spoken and declared Jeffrey Lloyd the winner of the arc of Rachel Vincent's PRIDE.

The runner-up was NPage, who will receive an unsigned arc of Lori Handeland's Any Given Doomsday.

Jeffery and NPage, please contact me via email (sword[DOT]of[DOT]kannon[AT]gmail[DOT]com) in order to claim your prizes. You have until Wednesday morning—if you haven't claimed by then, the pseudo-random number generator will spit out two other winners.

Congratulations to Brooke Reviews who won the copy of The Wild Hunt from Rachel Vincent's blog.

And Happy Year of the Ox to everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2009

When the Day Job and the Other Job meet

(Don't forget it's your last day to enter the contest for PRIDE.)

Mercury, bless her heart, vomited kitchen renovations all over my living space. While I am home again, I'm not quite settled. Mostly this means Inari-chan is situated at the wibbly wobbly desk I use for jewelry making. Speaking of, I have so much good stuff now... I swear when I'm finished SHARDS and it's off to CPs, I am taking two weeks just to make jewelry and read. And work—that's implied.

Speaking of... have you all seen the Starbucks (RED) cards? Love them. Got one in LA... and I'm using my tip-money to load it up. So really, it's just recycling capital, but we love to recycle at work because we love the earth. Everytime I use the (RED) card, Starbucks donates five cents to the global fund. Like they were doing with the holiday drinks, but this will last all year long. Plus, having registered my sbux card...I get two hours of free wifi. (So long as I use the card at least once a month.)

I mention this, because I probably shouldn't blog about my day job. Ergo, if I speak positively about what work is doing that I agree with and love, they're getting free publicity. Top of that list is our involvment with Product (RED).

Cool thing/reader participation starts here: So I go into work yesterday and my manager sort of lets me know that I could have told him part of why I was going to LA was events for the book launch. In fact, after he found out via facebook, he spoke to the bookstore and had them order copies of The Wild Hunt for any co-workers who wanted a copy. Maybe we're going to do a signing when everything comes in. I meant to discuss this with the bookstore, but I hadn't been able to do it, because of how busy December got. It was a really cool moment, but it was also a little strange.

I don't tend to talk about what I write. If I do, it's usually to close friends/CPs/betareaders who have some understanding of why I'm debating writing out a fast driving car scene or just summarizing it. Plus, I have a belief that at work, you shouldn't talk about your other job. Your employer wants to know that your mind is on what they pay you to do and not how to resolve Chapter XX.

What I'm rambling towards is asking if this has happened to anyone else? Have you had a moment where your day job and your other job met?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogcritics Review & Interview up

If you haven't entered the contest to win an ARC of PRIDE, go do so. You've got until 11:59 pm (PST) tomorrow. Because of the overwhelming response, I'll do a draw for two books... winner will get PRIDE and the runner-up will get an ARC of Any Given Doomsday by Lori Handeland that I snagged at BEA 2008. (Unsigned, but hey, free books are free books. *g* )

Back to business: Katie Trattner of the online magazine has a short review for The Wild Hunt and a long interview with me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wild Hunt Contest at Work in Progress closed

Keep those entries for the PRIDE ARC coming—you guys are wonderful! Rachel will be so thrilled to know you all want to be a part of her "dork moment." *g*

Speaking of Rachel, she's blogging over at the Deadline Dames today. So if you're hungry for even more contests, make sure you visit... she's giving away signed copies of all THREE of her Shifters series—including PRIDE!

Anyway, the Work in Progress giveaway for The Wild Hunt closed at NOON CST today. If you aren't the winner, I will be giving away another copy a little later, so you can try again.

For now, please enjoy this brilliant clip of David Tennant on a chat show...

PS Alana Joli: If you don't win and you're serious about donating the book to your local library, contact me. Maybe we can work something out.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration 2009

A few people on facebook mentioned that they weren't able to access video of the inauguration. While it's likely up on youtube by now, I do have some screencaps that were taken while I was watching the BBC website's streaming footage.

Justice Stevens (or is it Roberts?) swears in Joe Biden as Vice President.

Cowboy hat! Jill Biden kept moving out of the frame as grab went off.

I love Aretha Franklin—and her hat.

Obama is taking his oath of office. It is a very serous moment. SRSLY.

No, it isn't a Jackson Pollock painting.
Obama is officially in power—and the crowd goes mad.

Best. Speech. Ever.

Elizabeth Alexander reads my new favorite poem.

I wanted the shot of Bush sulking looking serious during the ceremony, but this is the one I could capture. They're just people. Just chillin'. (I'm certain it's the angle of the camera, but it looks like Bush is leaning away.)

We Encounter Each Other in Words

The title comes from Praise Song for the Dead by Elizabeth Alexander, the poem read at the inauguration ceremony.

Let me sum this moment up to you with an image, worth so many more words than I have. (Captioned with the only eight that matter.)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life should come with a pause button

Yesterday I had one of those days where the hours compress by the sheer weight of what you're trying to pile on top of them. You can read a partial account of the happenings here at countmystars. When I feel like the world's stopped spinning too fast, I'll do an article/review, too.

There's a lot going on today: Rachel Vincent's giveaway of The Wild Hunt, my giveaway for an ARC of PRIDE, Pat Esden has a brilliant interview with Jamie Ford about THE HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, and the Deadline Dames have launched their website.

Mercury retrograde slapped me across the face last night—due to travel complications, I'm not halfway home now. (How would I be blogging if I was?) I'm in Los Angeles for another two days and expressing extreme gratitude that this has been sorted and work can find someone to cover my shift.

This morning, as I now had time to import the Christina Aguilera Greatest Hits album, I tucked it into my laptop. It needed coaxing, which is odd, because Inari-chan—my laptop—knows that Christina Aguilera is not the worst thing I have added to my iTunes. Oh no, not by far.

Well, the CD is now stuck inside my laptop. When I try to get it to spit the disc out, it just ejects into the plastic lip around the drive slot. I think the drive has been pushed up out of place. (You can say "duh.") It's still functional, because it reads the CD, it just can't/won't give it back.

Fortunately, I'm still in LA where I originally bought the machine. Even if I didn't have apple care—always buy apple care—the laptop is still under a year old and on the original factory warranty. My frustration is that this machine, as some of you may recall, is already a replacement machine after I returned the evil mac HAL that liked to freeze or turn itself off.

Anyway, I'm off to back-up what feels like my entire life onto an external hard-drive.

The machines have already won.

Win PRIDE, Win The Wild Hunt

If you're hungry for a signed copy of The Wild Hunt, head over to Rachel Vincent's have until Noon (CST) time on Wednesday, January 20th to leave a comment to the entry post.

I've been following Rachel's blog since she started it—it remains one of the only blogs I make time to read on a daily basis (yes, Rachel, even if I don't always comment.) You won't find a sweeter, more dedicated and generally amazing person.

Rachel, knowing I have a mildly obsessive fixation on her character of Ethan from her werecat series, had offered me an ARC of her latest release PRIDE. While there is a definite and appalling lack of Ethan in the novel, I can't find what else she may have altered for the final print version. It's that clean—or that good. (As in, I was so absorbed by the story that I have no idea what technical faults could possibly be in it.)

But Rachel was in the process of moving around the same time she sent the ARC, and Canada Post is notoriously slow with mail coming from the US... So she thought that she may not have sent the ARC and sent another copy. About a week after she sent the second copy, the first one arrived at my house. So I have two signed ARCS of PRIDE.

While the book is that bloody good, I really would rather share the goodness with someone else. Here's your chance to win a signed ARC of PRIDE! Rachel has given me permission to cross out my name and put yours. Not only do you get what's the best book so far in the werecat series, but you get a story along with it of mail fail.

Just leave a comment to this post before Friday January 22 at 11:59 PM (PST.) That's it—anything more complicated would provoke Mercury retrograde. (Anonymous comments need to have a name so we can identify you as the winner.)


Congratulations to Karen Kincy, better known as ravelda on livejournal, who won The Book Smugglers giveaway of The Wild Hunt. Remember her name, because in 2010 you'll want to pick up her debut YA urban fanasty: OTHER.

Jeni Bell won the Tarot card reading and copy of the Tarot Cafe from Renee Sweet's contest.

If you've been following the blog and seeing John Evans leave comments... well, he looks like he won a copy himself in this promo post he did. Remember, kids, the internet will always keep you humble.

Thanks to everyone who held contests and all the entrants—if you didn't win a copy of the book, check this space tomorrow for news on how you still can!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Win The Wild Hunt!

I should declare this Freebie Friday.

Open to US residents only: Renee Sweet's giveaway for a copy of the novel and a Tarot card reading ends at midnight tonight EST.

Open to everyone: The Book Smugglers Chat & Giveaway runs until Sunday Jan 18th at NOON PST. (Signed copy.)

Open to everyone: Count My Stars' LJ giveaway of a signed copy runs until midnight Sunday Jan 18 PST.

Stay tuned at this blog next week for a fun contest involving Rachel Vincent... and your chance to win a signed copy of The Wild Hunt and a signed ARC of Pride*!

*You'll have to do a wee little bit of blog-hopping, but I'll make it easy.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review up at The Book Smugglers

Ana and Thea have their dual review up for The Wild Hunt over at The Book Smugglers.

This is a great and very fair review, so I recommend that you have a read of it. Thank you again, ladies, for being so wonderful and helping to promote not just the novel but manga and manhwa.

Thanks to The Miracle Mile Writer's Group for a mention on their blog, too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guestblog at Leigh Purtill's & Urban Fantasy Land Interview

Today's stop on the blog tour is over at YA Author C Leigh Purtill's blog, where I'm guest-blogging about the differences between work-for-hire and standard publishing. Leigh and I met at the West Hollywood Book Fair in 2007 and both are sometime attendees of the Miracle Mile Writers' Group.

Also, my Six Shooter interview with Urban Fantasy Land has gone live. You can also find it at Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Blog and Temple Library Reviews. Thanks, Harry!

Don't forget about Urban Fantasy Land's reader's choice awards. You can win just for voting.

Are you still on the fence about The Wild Hunt?

Maybe a couple images will change your mind....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today is the official release day for The Wild Hunt. As the book lacks an acknowledgement page, it seems appropriate to use today's post to craft one.

First and foremost to Sang Sun Park, without whom there would be no Tarot Cafe. I am humbled by your talent and kindness. Thank you for allowing me to be a guest in your wonderful world. 한국어당신을 감사하십시오 (babelfish tells me this is how to write thank you in Korean.)

To TOKYOPOP—especially my editor, Jenna Winterberg, for the opportunity given to me and the trust that was put in my abilities. The novel and I are better because of this. Thank you for your expertise, professionalism, and sincerity.

To my ass-kicking, unstoppable agent, Miriam Kriss. You do what you do so well, and I can never say thank you enough.

To Vicki Pettersson, Allene Symmons and Sarona Bartels who talked sense into me, offered expertise and advice on the delicate matters.

To the friends who got me through it from day one to today with a special nod to the UK Brigade who answered questions on dialect, weather and location: KT Coope, Andrew Tunney and Karen Mahoney. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YUKIKO!

My family—especially my parents, Jim and Lyle, and my grandparents—who have been nothing but supportive during the process and always. Maybe I could have done this without you, but I wouldn't have wanted to.

Finally and most importantly, to you—the readers, reviewers, fans and peers that this experience has brought into my life. Thank you for embracing this book.

Otsukaresama deshita, minna.

Renee Sweet Interviews Ariake for The Tarot Cafe The Novel

If it pleases you to visit Renee Sweet's livejournal, you'll find an interview her charming pet Logan conduct with my egocentric little fox plush. There's also a giveaway* for a copy of The Wild Hunt and a tarot card reading—all you have to do is leave a comment saying why you want to read the book. Easy-peasy.

As you can see from the photo, all the "fame" has gone right to Ariake's head.

*US Shipping addresses only, please. It'll open up to international addresses when I give a signed copy away here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Fanfic

If one is interested in reading the Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle fanfic that was written for Megan B Moore after she won the June 2008 Live Long and Marry auction, one could click here.

The Tarot Cafe The Novel Giveaways!

Don't know what this is all about? Have a look at The Tarot Cafe The Novel FAQ.

Thanks to fellow Agency Sisters Karen Mahoney and Rinda Elliott for welcoming in the week!

So what you really want to know is how you can get a free (signed) book, right?

Happy to oblige.

This week there will be a giveaway on Friday over at The Book Smugglers, as part of their Manga/Manhwa Appreciation Week. So make sure you spend sometime at Ana and Thea's lovely site.

Next week, Agency Sister Rachel Vincent will be giving away a copy of The Wild Hunt on her blog... and I'll be giving away an ARC of her third werecats book: PRIDE. Stay tuned for info about how you can enter....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's release week for The Tarot Cafe The Novel!

Kicking off over on McNally-Robinson's website: an interview with Chadwick Ginther.

Chadwick and I met after the World Fantasy 2008 tie-in panel in Calgary. McNally Robinson is Canada's largest independent book seller—and they do online orders. Please support them. I realize Amazon is shipping, but your local comic shop needs your love, too.

Thank you again, Chadwick, Harper Canada, and TOKYOPOP for all your hard work to make this interview happen.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more information on stops along the Tarot Cafe Blog Tour. Don't forget to visit The Book Smugglers, as Ana and Thea are having a manga/manhwa appreciation week.

They say: "A few months ago our buddy Karen Mahoney hooked us up with Chandra Rooney who wrote a companion novel to the famous Manhwa Tarot Cafe. In order to read the novel we decided to read the series as well and the Manga Appreciation Week was born when we decided to read other titles too. There will be reviews of a few comics, a review of the novel Tarot Café and an interview with Chandra Rooney. Manga is a new genre to us and all is so very exciting – we hope you will enjoy it too!"

Friday, January 09, 2009

Kitchen battle royale

Some time over the past week it occurred to me that there ought to be more fight scenes in kitchens. Specifically these kitchens or these ones, which are begging for highly stylized cinematography and swords.

Perhaps there is already an excess of fight scenes in kitchens and I'm just reading the wrong books?

Either way, I'll set about filling this niche.

What conventional unconventional location do you think would make an excellent place for an epic showdown?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thank you

As I write this, The Wild Hunt is #15 on's Bestselling New & Future Releases in Occult.

The only words I can find in response are thank you. I hope somehow it reaches you.

EDIT 2:17 pm: It went up to #8. Bloody Hell.

Phone calls from Parallel Universes

On another Earth, my mobile number belongs to someone with a web design company. I know this, because occasionally, I get phone calls for this person. In fact, through conversing with one of his would-be clients, I learned that I got a call from his wife once.

Oh yes.

You see Christmas Day, I exchanged greetings and well wishes with Tracey's friend "Big Steve." Today, I had to break the news to someone trying to apply for a job that I didn't run a web design company. (Wouldn't my lack of a website be embarrassing if I did.)

When these weird events happen, as they do about maybe three or four times a year, I wonder if people—say my agent—who are calling me ever get through to this Tracey fellow instead. More likely, I wonder if it's something simpler in explanation than wireless signals bouncing through parallel universes. Like a typo on a website or business card. Maybe someone failing to dial the proper area code.

I do need a proper website, though. Maybe I should have hired that "wrong" number.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I did always do somewhat well in school

Sequential Tart has graded The Tarot Cafe Novel: The Wild Hunt at 9/10.

You can read Sheena McNeil's report here. (Minor Spoilers.)

This confirms the actual novel does contain not only illustrations, but a new mini-comic from Park.

The Stepsister Scheme by Jim C. Hines

I think you'll like this one, because I quite like its preview. Jim C. Hine's The Stepsister Scheme.

See? Pretty. Badass. Shiny, too.

I'm going to borrow Marie Brennan's description of the novel, since it's what got my attention: NINJA PRINCESSES!

If you require more elaboration: "Disney Princess crossed with Charlie's Angels."

Just click the book title or right here to be magically whisked away to Amazon where you can put this darling in your cart.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Tarot Cafe Novel: FAQ

Today is the day that The Wild Hunt ships from, despite that the release date I was given was the 13th. Wondering why things ship a week before they're "released" is just one of the many questions I find myself asking regarding this publishing experience.

I've noticed, thanks to the interviews I've been doing, that similar themes tend to appear in the questions. In honor of the shipping-but-not-released day, here's the answers gathered into one place. For an added bonus, there's questions not asked... despite that they should be.

Q: What is The Tarot Cafe? Can you introduce it to readers who aren't familiar with the series?

A: Your best introduction is to read The Wild Hunt, which was specifically written to welcome new readers to the universe without alienating existing fans.

Briefly, The Tarot Cafe is a seven volume manhwa (Korean comic) by Sang Sun Park released in English by TOKYOPOP. While Park occasionally has light-hearted stories, the series is best described as a dark paranormal romance. It follows Pamela, an immortal tarot card reader and proprietress of the Tarot Cafe in contemporary London. During the day, Pamela assists people through her accurate readings and at night she helps her Midnight Visitors—all sorts of paranormal beasties in need of guidance. Over the series, we see Pamela's tangled, tragic past unfold.

Wiki it.

Q: What is a Light Novel? Is it a Japanese genre?

Only in the sense that "young adult" is an English genre—meaning it's a broad category that contains many genres like fantasy, sci fi, mystery, horror, romance. What these books share is a general length and a target audience of teens and people in their early twenties. They're often illustrated. (The light novels, not the people.) Although TOKYOPOP released Goth by Otsu-ichi, which won Japan's Honkaku Mystery Prize, as a light novel and you'll find people who insist it isn't one.

Wiki it.

When someone calls The Wild Hunt a light novel, they do so because that's the terminology they recognize. I call it a tie-in or a companion novel, because that's the terminology I recognize.

Q: How much approval did Park have on The Wild Hunt?

A: Park approved a translation of the outline, as well as a translation of a sample chapter. (An early version of Chapter Two.) It may not seem like a lot, but the outline governed the final text and the sample chapter governed the narrative voice. She approved both—and from what I was told, her comments suggested she trusted our ability to do a good job.

Q: How did you get the job?

A: In late August 2007, Jenna Winterberg—the then Senior Prose Editor—contacted me via email stating TOKYOPOP was looking to hire fiction writers for various prose projects and she wanted to know if I was interested. Apparently, she'd stumbled across this blog and that was how I came to her attention. Being an amateur Tarot reader gave me a understanding of the cards that she believed necessary. Plus, she felt the sample that I did for her accurately captured the tone and narrative voice she wanted for The Tarot Cafe Novel.

Q: What was the best part of working with an established universe?

A: Knowing what you've written already has a fanbase who wants to read it.

Q: What was the most difficult part of working with an establish universe?

A: Understanding that what you've written doesn't belong to you and your preferences/kinks bowed to the conventions of the source material.

Q: What was it like to work with TOKYOPOP?

A: I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jenna Winterberg. She was able to balance hand-holding when it was necessary with the tough love when she knew I was capable of more. Plus, she knows the world and its fans far better than I do.

Q: Why does the synopsis call the main character "Bryn McMillian" when her name is "Bryn McCallister" in the novel?

A: In the original concept statement, which I believe is what marketing has been using as the synopsis, the character's name was Brynn McMillian. It was changed shortly after to Bryn McCallister because I preferred the way the name read.

Q: Is it true you don't like Bryn?

Oh, I like her well enough. The difficulty with Bryn's character is that the decision she makes in the novel is unquestioningly the decision she would. It's not, however, the decision I think she should.

Q: What other series would you like to work on?

D.N.Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki or Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP—although I admit being intimated by the idea of working on a CLAMP title. More realistically, I'd love to do either a Pushing Daisies or Doctor Who tie-in. I realize they don't do Pushing Daisies tie-ins, but they really should.

Q: I've heard/read/been told that you were hired to write The Tarot Cafe Novel series. When is the second book coming out?

A: At the moment, The Wild Hunt is the only volume I have been contracted to complete. While I've expressed both an eagerness and availability to work with TOKYOPOP again on additional volumes, the decision is ultimately not mine to make.

Q: If you aren't writing a follow-up to The Wild Hunt, then what are you working on?

I have two personal projects on the go. One is an adult mythic realism series adapting Japanese fox and western fae lore in a contemporary Canadian setting. Closer in scope to Charles De Lint’s Newford tales than Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. The first book, THE TALE OF ARIAKE, is out on submission.

The other project is a yet-to-be-titled young adult series. Most of the time I refer to it as “the Valentine thing.” It evolved from a reaction to the careful attention to realistic contemporary settings for both THE TALE OF ARIAKE and The Wild Hunt. So the Valentine Thing is far-future speculative mashing up magic and science.

The influences for it are largely the manic tone and adventurous plots of the new Doctor Who series with various reoccurring fantasy and technological elements of anime and manga. Which is a mildly pretentious way of saying no one time travels but there is a great deal of running and CLAMP-like magic circles. Plus a handsome young god with a baseball bat fighting gas-mask wearing monsters that come out of mirrors and kidnap the main protagonist’s best friend.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Bead shopping in the Lost District

On Friday, I went out in the grey of an uncharacteristically dismal day here in Los Angeles to explore the bead shops in downtown Los Angeles—or as I like to call it: the Lost District.

First we stopped at Pete's Cafe and Bar for the most scrumpteous grilled cheese that you haven't had made at home. Pete's is, like a lot of downtown, in reclaimed buildings. Inside you can see the place where the wall was knocked down to make the space bigger by the way the tiles on the floor change.

Pete's also features a ladies washroom that may be bigger that most LA apartments. (Liz wants to move in.)

After our meal, it was off to Bead World—where we spent an embarassing amount of time, and Liz's budget died a valiant death. All right, I exagerate. It rather just curled up in the fetal position and let all the beads kick it.

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete with a stop at Bohemian Crystal, either, for findings and charms.

A converted bank across the street from Pete's Cafe and Bar.

The grilled cheese.

Flowers inside the most beautiful ladies lounge in downtown LA.

The staircase to the lower level.

The beads from Bead World.

The spoils of the Bohemian Crystal raid.

Thank Jim for leading the tour and countmystars for the photos. You can see what she made with her haul here and here.

You know it's tough times when fictional characters have traded in their swanky wheels for a painted van.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The Tarot Cafe Novel: The Wild Hunt preview

Available via the TOKYOPOP website.

This will take you to a viewer loaded with the first chapter. I recommend setting the page speed to manual and viewing at full screen. Your eyes will thank you. ;)

A quick reminder that the Miracle Mile Writers' Group meeting is tomorrow, January 3rd. 3–5 pm at the Fairfax Library on South Gardner here in Los Angeles. I've been invited to do a guest reading from THE WILD HUNT.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Kinga Shinnen

The Japanese have a belief—held throughout many other cultures—that how one spends the first of January establishes how the entire year shall follow.

Then this shall be a year of diagnosing and solving problems, socializing with friends, filled with sunshine and warmth, and productive.

A year of looking forward, not back. The old year is gone, burnt, and the new year rises. I'm off to set the year's standard for daily word goals.

Behold, through the magic of youtube, hatsuhinode (the first sunrise of the year) from Japan. (User is from Chiba-ken, which is near Tokyo, but I'm not exactly sure where the video takes place.)