Monday, January 05, 2009

Bead shopping in the Lost District

On Friday, I went out in the grey of an uncharacteristically dismal day here in Los Angeles to explore the bead shops in downtown Los Angeles—or as I like to call it: the Lost District.

First we stopped at Pete's Cafe and Bar for the most scrumpteous grilled cheese that you haven't had made at home. Pete's is, like a lot of downtown, in reclaimed buildings. Inside you can see the place where the wall was knocked down to make the space bigger by the way the tiles on the floor change.

Pete's also features a ladies washroom that may be bigger that most LA apartments. (Liz wants to move in.)

After our meal, it was off to Bead World—where we spent an embarassing amount of time, and Liz's budget died a valiant death. All right, I exagerate. It rather just curled up in the fetal position and let all the beads kick it.

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete with a stop at Bohemian Crystal, either, for findings and charms.

A converted bank across the street from Pete's Cafe and Bar.

The grilled cheese.

Flowers inside the most beautiful ladies lounge in downtown LA.

The staircase to the lower level.

The beads from Bead World.

The spoils of the Bohemian Crystal raid.

Thank Jim for leading the tour and countmystars for the photos. You can see what she made with her haul here and here.

You know it's tough times when fictional characters have traded in their swanky wheels for a painted van.


John Evans said...

The Bat-Van - practical, and affordable!

That Girl said...

curled up in the fetal position and let all the beads kick it.

That sounds about right to me :D

Leigh said...

Sounds - and looks - like a great trip. So glad you're enjoying your visit; I just wish it was a little warmer for you. Otherwise, why leave Canada? ;)

Chandra Rooney said...

I have to point out the humor in how my beads are all thrown together in a pile and Liz's are so carefully laid out like artifacts in a museum.