Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration 2009

A few people on facebook mentioned that they weren't able to access video of the inauguration. While it's likely up on youtube by now, I do have some screencaps that were taken while I was watching the BBC website's streaming footage.

Justice Stevens (or is it Roberts?) swears in Joe Biden as Vice President.

Cowboy hat! Jill Biden kept moving out of the frame as grab went off.

I love Aretha Franklin—and her hat.

Obama is taking his oath of office. It is a very serous moment. SRSLY.

No, it isn't a Jackson Pollock painting.
Obama is officially in power—and the crowd goes mad.

Best. Speech. Ever.

Elizabeth Alexander reads my new favorite poem.

I wanted the shot of Bush sulking looking serious during the ceremony, but this is the one I could capture. They're just people. Just chillin'. (I'm certain it's the angle of the camera, but it looks like Bush is leaning away.)


Rachel said...

I loved Aretha's hat! And the speech! I know some people say it's not as "good" because it's not a rousing election speech, but we don't need a rousing election speech. We need a "go get to work" speech, which is exactly what he gave us. And I second all the Amens I heard in the audience.
Wasn't so sure about the poem, but I have to admit, I wasn't paying attention too much then, either.

Rachel said...

I take that back about the poem. Just watched the video and read through the text. It's great!