Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wild Hunt Contest at Work in Progress closed

Keep those entries for the PRIDE ARC coming—you guys are wonderful! Rachel will be so thrilled to know you all want to be a part of her "dork moment." *g*

Speaking of Rachel, she's blogging over at the Deadline Dames today. So if you're hungry for even more contests, make sure you visit... she's giving away signed copies of all THREE of her Shifters series—including PRIDE!

Anyway, the Work in Progress giveaway for The Wild Hunt closed at NOON CST today. If you aren't the winner, I will be giving away another copy a little later, so you can try again.

For now, please enjoy this brilliant clip of David Tennant on a chat show...

PS Alana Joli: If you don't win and you're serious about donating the book to your local library, contact me. Maybe we can work something out.

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