Friday, January 09, 2009

Kitchen battle royale

Some time over the past week it occurred to me that there ought to be more fight scenes in kitchens. Specifically these kitchens or these ones, which are begging for highly stylized cinematography and swords.

Perhaps there is already an excess of fight scenes in kitchens and I'm just reading the wrong books?

Either way, I'll set about filling this niche.

What conventional unconventional location do you think would make an excellent place for an epic showdown?


KT said...

There need to be more fight scenes on rollercoasters.

Rachel said...

Heck, yeah! Kill Bill has that great kitchen fighting scene!

That Girl said...

The floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

(There are kitchen fight scenes in the season 2 finale of Alias and in one of the Bourne movies, but neither kitchen is anywhere near as cool as those.)