Monday, January 19, 2009

Life should come with a pause button

Yesterday I had one of those days where the hours compress by the sheer weight of what you're trying to pile on top of them. You can read a partial account of the happenings here at countmystars. When I feel like the world's stopped spinning too fast, I'll do an article/review, too.

There's a lot going on today: Rachel Vincent's giveaway of The Wild Hunt, my giveaway for an ARC of PRIDE, Pat Esden has a brilliant interview with Jamie Ford about THE HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, and the Deadline Dames have launched their website.

Mercury retrograde slapped me across the face last night—due to travel complications, I'm not halfway home now. (How would I be blogging if I was?) I'm in Los Angeles for another two days and expressing extreme gratitude that this has been sorted and work can find someone to cover my shift.

This morning, as I now had time to import the Christina Aguilera Greatest Hits album, I tucked it into my laptop. It needed coaxing, which is odd, because Inari-chan—my laptop—knows that Christina Aguilera is not the worst thing I have added to my iTunes. Oh no, not by far.

Well, the CD is now stuck inside my laptop. When I try to get it to spit the disc out, it just ejects into the plastic lip around the drive slot. I think the drive has been pushed up out of place. (You can say "duh.") It's still functional, because it reads the CD, it just can't/won't give it back.

Fortunately, I'm still in LA where I originally bought the machine. Even if I didn't have apple care—always buy apple care—the laptop is still under a year old and on the original factory warranty. My frustration is that this machine, as some of you may recall, is already a replacement machine after I returned the evil mac HAL that liked to freeze or turn itself off.

Anyway, I'm off to back-up what feels like my entire life onto an external hard-drive.

The machines have already won.


Anonymous said...

*Pick me, Pick me!* I would love to win the signed copy of the Pride arc. Please!

Elizabeth B.

Leigh said...

What the heck happened? When I left you on Sunday, all was least I hope you're enjoying yourself with these extra days in town. And speaking of Mercury in retrograde, is that why a whole bunch of weird stuff is happening now? Are people all wacky because of that?