Thursday, January 08, 2009

Phone calls from Parallel Universes

On another Earth, my mobile number belongs to someone with a web design company. I know this, because occasionally, I get phone calls for this person. In fact, through conversing with one of his would-be clients, I learned that I got a call from his wife once.

Oh yes.

You see Christmas Day, I exchanged greetings and well wishes with Tracey's friend "Big Steve." Today, I had to break the news to someone trying to apply for a job that I didn't run a web design company. (Wouldn't my lack of a website be embarrassing if I did.)

When these weird events happen, as they do about maybe three or four times a year, I wonder if people—say my agent—who are calling me ever get through to this Tracey fellow instead. More likely, I wonder if it's something simpler in explanation than wireless signals bouncing through parallel universes. Like a typo on a website or business card. Maybe someone failing to dial the proper area code.

I do need a proper website, though. Maybe I should have hired that "wrong" number.

1 comment:

Susan Adrian said...

Hee! Most likely your phone number is one digit off from theirs, and people misdial. That used to happen to us all the time!