Friday, January 23, 2009

When the Day Job and the Other Job meet

(Don't forget it's your last day to enter the contest for PRIDE.)

Mercury, bless her heart, vomited kitchen renovations all over my living space. While I am home again, I'm not quite settled. Mostly this means Inari-chan is situated at the wibbly wobbly desk I use for jewelry making. Speaking of, I have so much good stuff now... I swear when I'm finished SHARDS and it's off to CPs, I am taking two weeks just to make jewelry and read. And work—that's implied.

Speaking of... have you all seen the Starbucks (RED) cards? Love them. Got one in LA... and I'm using my tip-money to load it up. So really, it's just recycling capital, but we love to recycle at work because we love the earth. Everytime I use the (RED) card, Starbucks donates five cents to the global fund. Like they were doing with the holiday drinks, but this will last all year long. Plus, having registered my sbux card...I get two hours of free wifi. (So long as I use the card at least once a month.)

I mention this, because I probably shouldn't blog about my day job. Ergo, if I speak positively about what work is doing that I agree with and love, they're getting free publicity. Top of that list is our involvment with Product (RED).

Cool thing/reader participation starts here: So I go into work yesterday and my manager sort of lets me know that I could have told him part of why I was going to LA was events for the book launch. In fact, after he found out via facebook, he spoke to the bookstore and had them order copies of The Wild Hunt for any co-workers who wanted a copy. Maybe we're going to do a signing when everything comes in. I meant to discuss this with the bookstore, but I hadn't been able to do it, because of how busy December got. It was a really cool moment, but it was also a little strange.

I don't tend to talk about what I write. If I do, it's usually to close friends/CPs/betareaders who have some understanding of why I'm debating writing out a fast driving car scene or just summarizing it. Plus, I have a belief that at work, you shouldn't talk about your other job. Your employer wants to know that your mind is on what they pay you to do and not how to resolve Chapter XX.

What I'm rambling towards is asking if this has happened to anyone else? Have you had a moment where your day job and your other job met?


Rachel said...

Yep. I don't worry about it too much as long as they don't interfere with each other. Besides, it shows everyone as being more well-rounded when you get those bits of information. Plus, as your boss pointed out, this is something SBs can use to their advantage. Employee/local author/activity in the community.

It's all good.

Leigh said...

I think it's totally great for a job like Starbucks where it's kind of assumed making coffee for thousands of people is not your life's goal. OTOH, when I was working corporate, it was kind of weird when I started letting people know I had a book coming out - most assumed it was self-published cuz I had a full-time job with THEM - LOL!

Jamie Ford said...

I'm with Leigh. It did get weird sometimes. Most of my vacations were spent at writers conferences, which my co-workers found quaint. Then when I left to write full-time, they thought I'd lost my mind, was self-publishing, etc. Now one of my former clients is having me back to sign books at their corporate headquarters. Strange circle of publishing life, indeed.