Thursday, February 19, 2009


My Fictional Personal Assistant has been slacking off lately. I find this upsetting, because when your FPA isn't doing what you tell them to, it's just so sad. It's like having a fight with your fake boyfriend. No, it's worse, because you would need to have at least a few fights or everyone would realize that you'd made him up.

I think we should all start using FPA in place of muse. It's not only modern sounding, it allows us to talk with business people in a way they can understand.

Allow me to demonstrate:

My FPA was supposed to keep tabs on my f-list for me, so I'd know who watched Dollhouse, but he took the weekend off for a friend's birthday. He didn't even show up for work on Monday. It was Tuesday before I heard from him. It took me until Thursday to get him to type up my blog for me.

It's just unacceptable behaviour. I'd fire him, if I didn't need his expertise to get this current project done.


Sarah K said...

Well. I watched Dollhouse. If that helps any.

Chandra Rooney said...

So did I.

I think my FPA and FPAF (Fallen's Personal Assistant Fox) did, too.

Rachel said...

*raises hand* Me too. But I didn't see any of the eps before the one I saw last night, so I'm a little slow on the back story. But, I liked it, kinda. Didn't LOVE it. I'd just finished watching Serenity when I watched it. Not much compares to Summer Glau dance fighting.

Chandra Rooney said...

That's what Liz and I were saying, Rae. That it's good, but it's not quite up to what we were expecting.

This week needed more Tahmoh Penikett. It looks like he'll be featured more prominently in next week's episode.

Sarah K said...

I didn't love Firefly right away either. I mean, I watched the series after having seen the moviem which I liked a great deal. And it irked me that there was obviously so uch story that came before it that I didn't know about [I was one of the few people that went into Serenity not realising there was anything that had come before it]. I have this thing though - if there's a story, I want to know what it is.

Dollhouse has enough story that its not telling me yet to keep me interested, even if it hasn't gained its footing yet. Love doesn't happen on the first date. But I'm already quite fond of the show.

Chandra Rooney said...

I usually give a show three episodes to find its feet and give a good sense of what the series will be like. I know from other stuff Joss Whedon has done that you better appreciate the earlier episodes after you get more into the Mysterious Mystery.

Dollhouse gets at least four, however, because I so badly want to see Echo be a back-up singer.

alanajoli said...

I've missed both episodes of Dollhouse (there have been two, right?) because I'm still catching up on Sarah Connor Chronicles and want to be able to watch them both on TV back to back. :) Hurrah for online television.

I love the idea of a fictional personal assistant. I can actually imagine them alongside a traditional muse and can just see the three-way arguments destined to occur between my FPA, my muse, and me.

FPA [to muse]: But it says right here in your contract that we agreed on 1,000 words per day.
MUSE: Does it? Huh. I don't feel like it today. [to me] Wanna go play video games? They're like inspiration!
ME: [sighs and gets out Mario Kart]

Chandra Rooney said...

Oh you gotta watch for that, Alana. It starts with video games, then they tell you comics and anime are "research"...and then you find your muse and FPA watching HSM3 when they were supposed to be helping you finish that chapter.

(The FPA and FPAF insist I mention this is an example and not something that has happened.)

Sarah K said...

Your FPA and FPAF are wonderful.

Fibbers, but wonderful nonetheless.