Friday, February 27, 2009

Mmm pie

Today I encountered one of those "plotbunnies" that I have heard so much about. From what I can tell, they are nasty little creatures that appear in your manuscript and procreate like mad to cause a snowball effect of changes throughout the remaining narrative.

Or maybe not. That's what this one did. So of course, I yelled at instructed my FPA to handle the matter promptly. Because it's Dollhouse night.

We've caught the plotbunny creature and dealt with it appropriately. Although it means reworking the last 68 pages of the manuscript, but the FPA was quick to point out that I had told him they weren't really working anyway.

Here's a picture of its fate to serve as warning to its irk that they're not welcome in these parts.


Zita said...

Oooh! Hassenpfeffer. I just got a flashback of a Bugs Bunny cartoon LOL

At least you had a delicious meal while you watch Dollhouse :-)

alanajoli said...

Your FPA is pretty darn cute with that whole pie-maker thing going on... :)

Chandra Rooney said...

Alas, the piemaker is not my FPA... but I think he'd be a good one. ;)