Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old news is still new news to you

It occurs to me that I think some stuff has happened that I never got around to blogging about. On account of the dayjob and having my head buried in the second young adult manuscript.

Early to mid January, there were two additional passes on THE TALE OF ARIAKE. Both editors, of name in the urban fantasy genre because I actually recognized them, pointed to something as being a stumbling block. Miriam and I discussed it, and I've long since worked a plan for if we need to make a change to the manuscript in the future before going out on another round of submission. Given that we have four or five editors more to hear from, it's just sitting in the background for now. Although, it could have minor implications on THE BELOVED OF INARI, which I'll be starting after Miriam says SHARDS is ready.

I'm grateful for the feedback on TALE, but we were a little surprised by the reason for passing. It is a valid point; it's also something that could be easily remedied in the post-sale editorial process. However, if you don't get something, you don't get it. As much as I respect these two editors and know that they are Very Good At Their Jobs, they aren't the people for my manuscript. In it for the long haul means I have the patience to wait for the right editor.

Although this is the gentlest of nudges, like a wee foxie's nose brushing her hand, to remind her that I am still here. Still waiting.

At the end of January I received an email from Diane Walton, one of the wonderful editors at On Spec. It was not regarding "The Dream Herder," although I have been assured that short story did make it to their slush pile. This particular email was to let me know that she'd been talking to Professor Paul Campbell of the University of Alberta, who teaches a Science Fiction course and wanted to bring some short stories to compliment the novels that he has students read. (I'm guessing it's Comparative Literature/C Lit 342 by the calendar description.)

Diane sent him some samples of On Spec with guidance towards what she would recommend, and he came back with a choice of three by female authors. "The Rainy Season" was at the top of his list.

So academic validation as a speculative author and the release of The Wild Hunt definitely outshines a couple "no thank yous."


Leigh said...

A couple of no's are nothing! Many congrats on the academic kudos - that's great news. One more feather in your cupcake cap (have you worn it yet? have you at least photographed yourself in it yet??).

Chandra Rooney said...

The cupcake hat was left in LA, so I have an excuse to visit before August!

alanajoli said...

I think it's great that you recognize if the editors didn't get what you are doing with your story, they're not the right editors for the book. I wonder if they have horoscopes for novels and editors, so you can be aware that Libra manuscripts should never be matched with Aries editors... ;)

Congrats on the academic kudos!

Chandra Rooney said...

Could you imagine being required to provide that info on your cover letter?

Author is a Virgo with a Gemini moon and Sagittarius rising. Born in the year of the rooster.