Monday, March 09, 2009

Dollhouse: Grey Hour

It's Monday, and that means... another entry for Dollhouse discussion. Notes for this week:

1) I approve of Topher's color choices but not the execution. Two solid color shirts? He is the Boy God of All Things Neuro, not an extra from HSM2. (Can I start referring to Topher as a neuromancer?)

2) How badass would it be if they downloaded the same personality in two dolls... and had the dolls meet face to face? Would heads explode? (Not Echo's. She is not broken.)

3) Remote wipes!

4) Does Taffy Standard Time require us to switch-over to daylight savings time or is it like Japan? Because if the latter, I think we should all operate on TST.


Natasha said...

So, sarcasm can be difficult to read in print....but I am thinking that maybe you didn't like the episode? LOL

Chandra Rooney said...

I've enjoyed this and the past episode a great deal more than the first two episodes.

But I see this one as a fun little episode that adds a brushstroke to the final picture.

Natasha said...

Good! :D
Yeah, I thought the episode was so funny!

Chandra Rooney said...

I am interested to see things Start Happening that involve FBI Paul.

Sarah K said...

"They're not bison, Topher."
"... they're a little bit bison."

I squealed.

as per your questions:

1: I can't answer anything in regards to Topher's wardrobe - I'm not so aware of what he wears. I do agree that we should start calling him the neuromancer.

2: I would be thoroughly amused by the scenario that you present, however, I think its unlikely that its something we would get to see this early in the show. I don't know that they'd explode. I think it would be a really amusing 'imposter' argument. Although, if it was left to go on long enough for them to question each other, I wonder if it would result in a metldown or a couple of super angry dolls....

I guess it depends on the personality.

3: I really liked the episode, but it feels like something as big as a remote wipe could have been saved up for a while. Of course, this probably just means that there are even bigger things coming.

4: I have no input.

Chandra Rooney said...

1: The application to Topher makes so much more sense than to an AI.

3: I agree... this isn't one of the episodes that was reordered?

Manager at work says Caroline is FBI Paul's girlfriend.

Sarah K said...

Caroline = Ballard's girlfriend? Doesn't seem likely. He wouldn't have needed the photo sent to him then, would he? It's an interesting idea, at any rate. I'd have to think about it more.

And on that topic... well, not really on that topic at all: we still don't know who those dead people were at the end of the first episode. Where Alpha is all sitting naked and watching the video of Caroline at University.

I don't know anything about the reordered episodes other than Joss was the one to suggest it in order to get the action coming a little sooner. I don't know the original intended order, or where Grey Hour fell into it.

Sarah K said...

I have since learned that Grey Hour was initially shot to be the second episode! So they held off on the remote wipe longer than they originally planned!

I'm glad they waited then, since it has so much more impact after the routine is established, which there wouldn't really have been time to develop by episode 2.

Chandra Rooney said...

Second episode?! WTF. That would have been way too soon... although I appreciate knowing the humor was set to happen much sooner.